Product development with Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails development proved itself to be a perfect match for various types of applications. It is extremely versatile meaning Rails-based web applications are reliable and highly-performant.
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Create cutting-edge technical solutions with Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails development framework was designed to develop projects as fast as possible. It was designed to make developers follow certain standards, which will help in saving your time on decision-making and allows new developers to easily pick up your project’s convection. Ruby on Rails development makes prototyping extremely fast and easy. Ruby Gems allow you to get your project up and running in no time.

Ruby on Rails is often just called "Rails" since the full name is a bit of a mouthful. What distinguishes Ruby on Rails from other frameworks is a fact, that it’s an open-source web application framework optimized for Ruby programmers’ sustainable productivity. Large amount of reusable open source code is publicly available. It gives web developers access to libraries, thus providing pieces for all the code they write. Pieces you don't have to write yourself, and can simply configure to help you build a web site or application much faster and more easily.

Furthermore, these pieces have been very thoroughly tested, so they are much more robust than if you wrote them yourself. You could just write your app or site in Ruby, but you'd have a lot more work to do, and a lot of things that you'd have to figure out if you didn't use Ruby on Rails development. The excellent community, a quality code base, the sheer size of the module database, and the maintainability of RoR applications made it the preferred choice for such successful projects as Airbnb, GitHub, BaseCamp, Zendesk, and Bloomberg.

The process of product development with Ruby on Rails is fast because it has a collection of open source code available within the community as well as a set of existing conventions. Ruby on Rails also runs on a free operating system and works with most free databases and web servers. These features mean fewer development hours, faster development process, and a lower overall cost. This makes Rails-based minimum viable product guarantees the highest ratio of return on investment versus risk, effectively allowing you to validate your business idea against a user base.

Rails is more than a development tool; it is a large community of dedicated developers. Members who share their work, often use the same tools, and support each other. Community is as strong as ever and is very active. New development is consistent. Ruby on Rails, and other full-stack frameworks are still the one-stop solution for the most common problems in 2019 It’s stable, mature, proven and joy to work with. There is a lot of innovation and improvement happening still - however, these days it’s slow evolution, not a big-bang revolution.

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Ruby on Rails is probably one of the best web development frameworks to consider for your next project.

Ruby on Rails development provides a tremendous variety of tools that help developers deliver more features in less time. This makes Ruby on Rails the most mature solutions you can find, it has an active community and a great number of resources. It makes working much smoother and faster what leads the project to be bug-free and delivered in no time. Most startups in the world use Ruby on Rails profusely, but large corporations like Amazon and eBay are finally catching up as well. It remains as the most popular framework for YCombinator startups.

Well-versed in Ruby on Rails consulting and development, United Ideas excels at building custom Ruby on Rails based solutions within projects that enjoy minimized timelines and reduced costs. We deliver startup and enterprise-grade results faster, thanks to Rails’ versatility. We keep the product top of mind as we go about creating prototypes for startups or advanced web applications for mature businesses.

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More than 90% of our projects starts from referrals by satisfied clients.

Our validated MVP needed intensive improvements to its UX and design. They started work before we even signed the papers. We became members of the team from the beginning, sharing their chats, work, and task management tools. We recently decided to hire United Ideas as a software development provider for another project; we look forward to working with them again.

Bartosz Hernas STAMP Founder CEO Picture
Bartosz Hernaś
Founder & CEO at Stamp

United Ideas built our web app with Ruby on Rails. Their ability to deliver sprints stands out. We received the first version after a few months and quickly saw users and revenue start coming in. I would recommend them to anyone considering a similar project. Their developers worked through the night several times, and I appreciate that commitment.

Tomasz Bocian Ubrania do Oddania Founder Picture
Tomasz Bocian
CEO at Ubrania do oddania

We were highly satisfied with their work and engaged them for more projects after this app was completed. United Ideas tackled nearly every project we could throw at them. They were also upfront about anticipated costs and potential challenges and issues that might arise in the project, which I appreciated.

Magdalena Drozdowska DDB Director Picture
Magdalena Drozdowska
Creative Director at DDB
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