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As per the calculations 90% of the React Native code can be reused between Android and iOS which is just too good, saving a lot of time plus some extra time for modifications that’s it.

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Shorter development cycles, faster deployment, and great app performance.

React Native is Facebook’s Javascript framework for building user interfaces for iOS and Android. So now developers can make mobile applications using this Javascript library which can be shared between platforms that makes it easy to develop in both iOS and Android. With React Native you don’t have to build the same application for iOS and Android, separately.

With React Native, you aren’t building a “mobile web app” or even a “hybrid app.” Actually React Native is neither native nor hybrid. This framework allows you to create real mobile applications identical to an application built using Swift, Kotlin or Java. The same fundamental UI building blocks used by iOS and Android are used by React Native. These building blocks are just put together using JavaScript and React.

It's simple to drop down to native code if you need to optimize a few aspects of your application. It's also easy to build part of your app in React Native, and part of your app using native code directly, its how the Facebook app works. No need to overhaul old app All you have to do is add React Native UI components into your existing app’s code, without having to rewrite. This is a significant advantage for businesses looking to expand an existing app without having to overhaul it.

There are quite a few famous companies using React Native in their apps. Besides Facebook, these are LinkedIn, Bloomberg, Instagram, SoundCloud, Airbnb, Pinterest and others, with apps used by millions of daily users.

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It will save you time spent on development, it’s cost-efficient, and it provides you with a set of ready-to-use components.

Native app development usually means inefficiency, slower time to deployment, and less developer productivity. React Native is all about bringing high speed, responsiveness, and agility of web app development along with effectual processing and best user experience to the hybrid space, to provide your users with a native app experience.

If you are familiar with React for the web, you’ll feel right at home with React Native. If you are used to writing apps in Java or Swift, you’ll feel right at home with many of React Native components.

Feel free to get in touch with our React Native developers to consult your idea for mobile application or simply get a quote for the next project.

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Our already validated mobile app needed intensive improvements to its UX and design. A few lines of code became something magnificent. Today our app has over 570,000 downloads and has migrated nearly 1 billion tracks. These results generated a stable revenue stream that enabled us to quit our full-time jobs and focus on the product. As our business grew, we started another software project with them. They started work before we even signed the papers.

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Bartosz Hernaś
Founder & CEO at Stamp

We worked with United Ideas for several years as a development partner to help deliver many solutions for our clients. They’ve created mobile applications and some web development projects delivering creative and high-quality solutions for clients rapidly and on time. Their code quality was exceptional, and there were minimal bug issues and rewrites needed. We plan on working with United Ideas in the future. Working with United Ideas was easy. Their team was extremely responsive.

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Eddie Vassallo
CEO at Entropy

Since the app’s launch, our userbase growth rate has increased fourfold. Over 10,000 users have joined the platform and uploaded over 700,000 photos. 90% of users who complete a challenge start another the next day, showing clear retention. United Ideas created an app that met all technical requirements and received a positive response from users and recognition from the broader tech community. The project ran smoothly from start to finish. United Ideas was highly responsive and receptive to ideas and feedback. They came up with solutions to our challenges as we needed them.

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Pawel Kadysz
Founder & CEO at Tookapic
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