Passion for daylight, fresh air and better living. Through the roof – for life, work and play.

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For more than 75 years VELUX creates better living environments by bringing daylight and fresh air into people's homes all over the world. The Danish group has manufacturing and sales operations in more than 40 countries, with an extensive distribution network. Their product line comprises roof windows and modular skylights, as well as a wide range of decorative elements: blinds, roller shutters, installation solutions and remote controls. Their products help to create bright, healthy, energy-efficient places to live, work, learn and play.

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The application enables marketing team to accurately chart sales while equipping distributors to attract customers and boost sales. Up to now the platform has helped more than 10000 customers to quickly find the nearest distributor who has the desired product in stock.

How do you increase your sales without sales reps?

VELUX does not have a physical sales force. Their business model relies on an extensive distribution network. This is a massive challenge since it limits the company’s ability to control direct sales results. They are very open to any opportunity to capitalize on an already established brand and facilitate purchases.

Since the previous tool did not meet the expectations, they decided to develop a completely new web application to improve the distributor-client communication. The main idea behind the newly adapted approach was to allow customers to quickly find the nearest distributor who has the desired product in stock. For both sides’ additional comfort, every facility was given the opportunity to fill in their business card with all the necessary contact details as well as the opening hours.

This is a great time to have a meeting

Velux contacted us after our initial proposition regarding programming support and consultancy. The timing was great, since apparently the previous IT provider did not meet the high expectations of the firm.

We met to trade initial ideas and eventually, came up with the common vision embodying a new solution to their problem. After our realisation how complex the Velux sales process actually is the meeting followed-up with complementary sessions which led to preliminary mockups and a cost estimate.

Our dedicated team analyzed the firm’s previous tool and came up with further recommendations and improvements.

It just works as it meant to

With a strong focus on user-experience and design the results were only a matter of time. Up to now the application has helped more than 10 000 customers to find the nearest distributor with desired products in stock. The stores noticed a significant boost in their numbers as well.

Thanks to the app, thousands of visitors every month can now enjoy a refreshed and user-friendly experience, tailored to their needs. Velux distributors, on the other hand, have been equipped with a tool allowing for improved self-promotion and hence, boost in revenue.



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Perfect tool for marketing department with sales distribution network

The new application allowed Velux to manage the distribution network more efficiently and helped the internal staff to accurately chart sales. Thanks to its scoring algorithm, it is now possible to recognize the most active distributors and influence the underperformers.

At the same time, the application gives value added to distributors by creating an environment where partners compete with one another to rank higher. Thanks to the filtering feature, they can also attract customers interested in specific products.

This, in overall, results in high-quality profile customers visiting offline stores. It’s so beneficial that distributors can actively promote products and increase sales results at the same time.

"They try to be as accessible, helpful, and involved as possible. They act as consultants who aren't afraid to disagree with us, suggest a better solution, or challenge our ideas with their experience. They're actively interested in whether everything works as it should, whether we have questions, or whether we want to work on other functionalities. We like this approach very much."

Katarzyna Binkiewicz
Marketing Manager at VELUX

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