Ubrania do Oddania - Fundraising Platform

Ubrania do Oddania is a platform that connects people with different charities. Users can donate unwanted clothes, which weight is then converted to money donations for the chosen fundraiser.

Ubrania do Oddania
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Web development

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Product design

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From the rough idea to the amazingly successful platform - the story of Ubrania do Oddania

Developing the idea of non-technical client

There was no benchmark for this kind of project, so everything we did was completely trailblazing. It took a combination of our skills and insight with a lot of back-and-forth with the client.

Tomek, the founder of Ubrania do Oddania, had no experience in the area of web development whatsoever. We decided to introduce him to our scrum process to make sure the project is being shaped exactly as it was initially imagined. Tomek learning the ins and outs of the scrum framework was incredibly valuable for the workflow.

Delivering the product in the shortest deadline

Tomek needed the website to be ready as soon as possible in order to start making revenue and prove the idea to the investors. We set up a ready-to-go version in just a few months.

Our full-stack lead developer for this project was Jakub. He was responsible and dedicated only to this one project, which greatly helped with streamlining the process and meeting every deadline.

Integration of the delivery company api - the biggest challenge

Being the MVP version, the website at first lacked a key feature that was necessary for the successful growth in the long term – the integration with the delivery company. In order for it to work perfectly well, we had to integrate the DPD API into the website.

That demanded a complete rework of the delivery system. For times like this, the lead developer Jakub was assigned additional devs to make sure every sprint is finished successfully.

Initial success that turned into years long cooperation

Soon after the Launch in 2018, the platform started getting clicks and received very positive reviews. That helped persuade the investors about the idea and encouraged Tomek to further develop the platform.

Throughout the next years, he stayed with us, and together we continued to make more and more improvements to it. As of now, the platform collected over 60 tons of clothing.

  • quick and easy donation process
  • 60 tons of clothes collected
  • 75,000 € donated to various charities


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tons of donated clothing