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Tookapic is a 365-day photo-sharing platform helping users to develop a habit of daily photo taking in a fun and addictive way. The app encourages you to, not only remember the extraordinary days, but to also appreciate these small ordinary moments in-between. Think of it as of your intimate and unique photo journal; unfiltered and un-Instagram worthy.

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The app led to a fourfold boost in the users growth rate; as of now, 10000 users have uploaded 700000 photos to the platform. 90% of users completing the challenge start another the next day, showing clear retention. They key app features include basic image editing, location tagging, social media-style tags and comments, user profiles, and private messaging.

An unexpected idea behind Tookapic

The idea was born out of a growing desire to make people slow down and appreciate the small and seemingly unimportant moments in life they tend not to notice rushing from one big thing to another. And to finally make use of that camera which Pawel, our client and the Tookapic founder bought years ago.

After a simple decision to take one photo every day for 365 days, he suddenly found himself on the 1000th day in awe of life, surprised by the fact how the passing time has been transforming the surroundings around him. He realized that his girlfriend has become his wife his house: a home. And most importantly, he could take a moment to fully acknowledge the life-changing fact of becoming a father.

As a frontend developer, he could start working on the project himself. What started out as a simple side-hobby project evolved into an engaged online community, full of passionate people.

I think we should launch a mobile app

Tookapic web platform helps you to discover beautiful moments in your daily and mundane life. Moments that would’ve been missed and never captured otherwise. in a typical format of a so-called 365-project, users are supposed to document every day of the year with a single photograph.

Pawel noticed that most of the photos uploaded to Tookapic came from smartphone cameras. Triggered by his realisation, reinforced then by many users’ feedback he decided to widen the Tookapic experience by creating a mobile-friendly version of the platform. A lot of early users also suggested such a direction for the company.

United Ideas to the rescue

After being introduced to Pawel by a mutual acquaintance we set up a meeting. The situation and timing were tight as the previous vendor did not meet the required deadlines and we needed to take up the project immediately. But there is nothing our team likes more; we were up to the challenge. Since the project’s beginning we communicated with Pawel almost daily; the founder came up with wireframes and mockups making our cooperation smooth and easy.

The key features of the iOS application include: simple image editing, location tagging, private messaging, comments section, discussions, @mentions, tags, push notifications, user profiles and more.



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Lines of code

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10 399

Uploaded photos

750 000

Wait… did you say, Product Hunt?

The app was successfully launched and met all the technical requirements. So far Tookapic has been trusted by more than 10,000 people, who uploaded over 700 000 photos. In fact, 90% of people who complete the challenge start another one the very next day. That’s how powerful the habit is.

Also guess what, our product was featured on Product Hunt. In fact, it was there a couple of times across recent years. Actually, this is something we didn’t expect, nor plan at all. The user base is growing thanks to it at a rate four times faster than before. Unfortunately, with the rising costs of the App Store Pawel could not support the platform, and we ended up having to shut it down in 2017.

But once Tookapic’s team will figure out a business model sustainable enough to think about the mobile app again, we, will hopefully get another chance to contribute to the growth of one of our favorite start-ups.

“It’s always critical to take over a project after someone else, but United Ideas successfully took over from a previous developer’s work and delivered a high-quality product on time. I can say I’m very satisfied with the work that was done. The community’s reception of the app is very positive. The product meets our expectations. Everything went as planned. United Ideas is an excellent vendor for any startup founder who wants to work directly with developers.”

Pawel Kadysz Tookapic Founder CEO Picture
Pawel Kadysz
Founder & CEO at Tookapic

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