TjeKvik - the #1 provider for all your Digital Service Reception needs.

preview of mobile application for car dealers and automotive brands
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TjeKvik is a start-up based in Copenhagen, offering 24/7 secure booking and self check-in kiosk solutions available on mobile, tablet and desktops. Working mainly with the automotive industry companies - car dealers, car rentals and more, they identified the need to improve the customer experience, digitise the service reception process and through this introduce efficiencies.

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TjeKvik is Denmark number one car dealers provider for digital service reception. Up to now more than 13 automotive brands (including Mercedes, Ford, Volkswagen) use their car pick up and return system. With 300 individual key lockers kiosks in Denmark alone, they are looking for the next European markets as automotive industry needs are huge.

Wanted, dead or alive: Ruby on Rails developer

When we have met for the first time in 2017, TjeKvik was still an early stage team after first commercial implementations for major German automotive brands. The next step was to adjust the app for other companies who could have been interested in similar solutions.

Main complexity and challenges come from managing customer and appointment data while the appointment goes through several states from initial to finalized and all the actions that have to happen between states (for example car pick-up & car return).

It required excellent backend structures and custom integrations with the client’s systems. That is why they’ve been looking for extra hands. Code writing hands to be more precise.

We just need someone for 3 months

The goal of more manpower was to speed up the development and improve existing features as well as implement new ones at a faster pace. Visual design and user experience of the app also required serious improvements.

To put it simply they needed someone experienced in Ruby on Rails to join the team for 3 months in order to validate how working with external vendor influences product development.

After speaking to various freelance developers and contractors they decided to go with us, what a surprise huh? Turned out, such a model of cooperation proved to work just fine providing founders with expertise and flexibility at the same time.

2 years later we still work together

Up to now more than 13 automotive brands use their car pick up and return system. With 300 individual key lockers kiosks in Denmark alone, TjeKvik looks for the next European markets as automotive industry needs are huge.

During cooperations between the teams, we added a bunch of features like capturing car park data, technician notifications, pin code protection and more.

We started in 2017 and two years later we still work together extending our involvement and scope of cooperation in pursuit of continuous development of TjeKvik product. It already changed the way thousands of people rent cars. This is just an example of a visionary, mission-based young company we take the most pride to work with.



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Achieving growth by setting new strategies for new markets.

TjeKvik now works with leading automotive brands and dealers. Originating in Denmark they are steadily expanding across Europe and the world. There are plans to expand the business on other industries as well.

Their solution allow service advisers to spend more time with those customers who need it and provide customers with choices in how they interact with the dealer. They also improve technician efficiency as the blockage of processing keys has been removed.

In 2018 TjeKvik’s team was nominated for best automotive innovation in the prestigious Auto Awards contest. We are positive this was just the first of many awards they are going to win. Best is yet to come.

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