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Straal is a company that specializes in payments. Their job is to make sure their solutions are safe, quick, effective and easy to use, so they wanted their website to work the same way.

Straal Finance
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Web development

Web development


Complete website rework for a rapidly growing software company - Straal

We know exactly what you need

They had an outdated, difficult CMS, which needed constant attention from their devs. It was time to hand the keys to the website to the marketing department. To put it simply – they needed to switch to WordPress. Straal contacted several developers with their big new mission but we won the competition with a really convincing argument. We went through exactly the same process with our own website just a few months before, so we knew exactly all the ins and outs.

We let the Straal team take a look into our own CMS, we showed how easy it is to manage and further develop if needed. They liked the way it was executed, so the process was really straightforward.

Website of your dreams (but better)

Our huge advantage was that we not only knew how to develop their concept. We knew perfectly well what to put on top of it. How to create a website they haven’t even dreamed about.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit overreaching, but you get the point. We’ve really exceeded their initial expectations, by including features they didn’t have in the initial plan. We laid the foundation for future SEO customization, which was missing in the previous version. We improved the site speed – another key factor for SEO. We implemented an easy landing page creator and much more.

No room for error

The headline might be a bit misleading because it wasn’t like we couldn’t make any mistakes. We just didn’t make any. We had an absolute WordPress grandmaster on our side, who executed the project in the most impressive fashion.

Once we gave them the final project, there were almost no corrections. We were on the same page from the beginning and the whole process went fast and smooth.

Easy to manage website allowed their devs to focus on things that really matter and leave the simple stuff to the marketing team. Because really, managing content on the website should be easy and intuitive and that’s how we created it.

How did the new website change the way Straal work?

  • Easy to use CMS handed to the marketing department
  • More time for devs to work on the actual projects
  • Improved UX on the whole website

Meet Straal Team

We were adjusting our team according to our client’s needs

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Marketing & PR Manager
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