Baking with Stork

Now, with ready-to-use recipes available on your mobile, baking funally is a piece of cake. Well, literally.

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Stork was founded in 1920 and has provided good value and excellent quality to bakers all over the world ever since. Stork Bake is specialized margarine designed to make baking light and fluffy, no matter what the recipe. Whether it’s a pancake, chocolate cake, milk tart, red velvet muffins, cupcakes or cheesecake recipe.

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Our team helped Unilever’s baking brand to design, build and launch a mobile app with over 300 baking recipes. It took us 6 scrum sprints to complete the work for Android and iOS platforms. After 80 000 downloads Stork has built an engaged community of bake lovers.

Inspired to bake but not sure how to get started?

Baking is easy and fun; a great way to relax and unwind- if you don’t mind clearing up after! However, learning to bake can be an intimidating experience, as you juggle ingredients and kitchen implements while keeping track of a recipe.

At the same time we carry our phones with us everywhere we go — whether it be our living room or workspace — so why shouldn’t we venture into our kitchens with them? Recipe apps are the next step in the complete mobile takeover, offering step-by-step instructions on how to make fluffy cakes, golden scones, and delicious biscuits.

Storks on hand with the new mobile baking academy

Baking with Stork App helps its users learn how to bake by delivering recipes, instructions, complete with photos, videos, and even voice instructions. Lengthy guides make sure you know exactly what you’re doing. The detailed search allows you to filter your recipes based on dietary and allergy information, season, dish type, and more.

You can also browse around based on category or occasion, or search for something specific instead, and you get a full list of ingredients and instructions with each recipe. Furthermore, you can add your own notes, tips, and substitutions for any recipe.

Baking app for food lovers that want a community

The app brings together both user-submitted recipes and tested recipes from the Stork bakers, app users, and celebrity chefs. You can create an account and save your favorite recipes into custom collections, and rate and save recipes for later. It’s easy to share your favorite recipes with family and friends too. Baking with Stork is the social baking app for food lovers that want a community for learning, sharing, and improving their everyday baking experience.

It allows you to easily discover who’s commenting and liking your recipes, as well as what all your friends are doing. Maybe they are making some sweet-looking brownies. Or they are baking a salted caramel apple pie (in which case you can conveniently invite yourself over to their house for dessert).



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Help your community thrive.

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