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STAMP - Music Migration Service

Stamp allows for easy importing and exporting of your songs and playlists between popular streaming music services.

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STAMP was founded by 3 software developers who worked together in Berlin. It is a mobile and web application, allowing people to freely import and export songs and as well as full playlists between popular music streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Music and numerous others.

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The app has been downloaded nearly 700,000 times, migrated nearly 1 billion individual tracks and generated stable stream of revenue.

Project Idea

After the release of Apple Music, our client wanted to switch service from Spotify but realized that there is no way to transfer playlists over. More and more people at the time were facing the same problem, but the solution had not emerged.

There still wasn’t an efficient way to transfer already created playlists. Alternative was to move tracks one by one, but that wasn’t an option. What do you do when no one seems to offer you what you want? You just do it yourself.

And they did. 


Their script allowing users to add pre-made Spotify playlists to the newest music streaming platform developed by Apple received rave reviews by the tech world, made a lot of buzz in the blogosphere… and it soon went viral!

Already validated idea needed some intensive tweaks to its UX and overall design. The goal was to launch the MVP as soon as possible. Ultimately they also wanted to develop a STAMP mobile applications, both for iOS and Android. It was about the time Lukasz found an article about STAMP and decided to reach out.


After 3 months of intense development works STAMP moves music across Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music and other services. What used to be a few lines of code, quickly became something magnificent. While STAMP’s team still faces many challenges, they have already achieved more than they had ever imagined. The app has over 670,000 downloads and has migrated nearly 1 billion tracks. 



Team members




Lines of code

50 000


700 000

Migrated songs

800 000 000

What’s next

The results generated a stable revenue stream that enabled its founders to quit their job as full-time software developers and focus entirely on development of STAMP. With their business growing every day, they have recently launched another software project and continue to work with us.

They know what they’re doing and ask if they don't, which let us address issues early and solve them quickly. We recently decided to use United Ideas as software development support for another project; we're pleased to work with them again.

Bartosz Hernas STAMP Founder CEO Picture
Bartosz Hernaś
Founder & CEO at Stamp

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