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Meet people like you. Make a date. Create your own groups or join the others and talk about what interests you. Discover the best places nearby. Make an appointment for a meal, coffee, party.

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Tinder, but better. And Facebook, but better. Seep is an application fusing all the good elements user could wish for in a social networking app. It is a discussing platform, a recommendation map and finally, a social mingling tool, The idea behind is simple: to connect people who want to be connected, whatever the reason. Finally, a social media app without borders.

For two years, with the ongoing feedback from users, the team of four polished the application which, since 2017, managed to engage more than 25 thousand active users. And counting.

More Than Just a Dating Application

The idea was simple, yet brilliant: to provide people with one do-it-all app that will fill the gap without stigmatising the experience itself. It was born out of a need. When Bartek (Seep’s CEO) moved to a new city, he didn’t know where to go for lunch or a drink. One day he made a date and again he had no idea where to go.

Apart from the well-known catering chains, he couldn’t think of anything else. He looked for an inspiration on the Internet. Turned out that it is very difficult to find an interesting place, and even more so in an easy way.  It took about an hour to find a place. That was a trigger for Seep.

There was no application on the market that would, first of all, shorten the distance between people and, secondly, respond to the problems faced by social networking applications today. Each application has strongly defined audience. Somehow it determines us in one way or another. That’s the reason why for some people it’s hard to just be yourself.

Get the Ball Rolling on a Limited Budget

The process of app-development lasted almost a year. We designed screen after screen, button after button, transition after transition. The joint goal was to prepare a visually appealing, user-friendly app that delivers scalable results.

We continued work with a deep dive onsite with Bartek and significantly cut down backlog of things that needed to be addressed to make it simpler. We had to give up many of the initial assumptions, which were too expensive to introduce at this stage.

With the limited resouces the functionalities prioritization was the key on our side: how to deliver the best solution possible without any potential money loss? From the initial number of 376 screen mockups proposed by the startup’s CEO, we finally ended at 72 screens and transitions fully-prepared for the users’ to test out.



2 years and 180 000 code lines later

The app launched in July 2017 and managed to create quite a buzz online without additional advertising efforts. Just after 12 months, it brought together more than 15 000 users who created more than 200 hobby-specific groups and shared more than 5 thousand files.

The startup’s main objective has been accomplished, as the app was a big success among the initially specified target group. More than half of the app’s all users are people at the age of 24+ and around 80% of all users are people from the cities with a population exceeding 100k.

Now, Seep has more than 25k users who actively participate in more than 1500 groups divided into 12 distinct categories. The app is available on the Polish, US, UK and Australian markets. It is more than your usual social media app, dating app, and more than a recommendation map. It is the whole package. It is the experience in its wholeness that counts.



Team members




Lines of code

180 000

Monthly active users

30 000

Matched users

400 000

To reverse the trends and make people meet others again.

We are going to continue Seep’s development to encourage even more people to meet and have fun in the real world. We want people to use the application every time they wonder what to do outside. Or just feel like they want to connect with someone new or whom they already know.

I want to eat – I choose Seep. I want to go to lunch, I choose Seep. I want to go out for a drink with someone, I choose Seep. I want to find advice on what I can visit in a given city, I choose Seep. I want to play football with new people, I choose Seep.

These are the biggest goals – to reverse the trends and make people meet others again. For the creator of Seep, the application is an endless story. New functionalities and solutions will be created to meet user needs. New improvements, new features. At the end of the day we want someone to say – it’s so great that I have Seep because I met a lot of people who brought a lot of joy into my life.

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“United Ideas crafted our mobile app. They’ve been with us from day one. The scope of engagement includes concept work, product design, development, and maintenance. They are professionals and I would recommend their dev services to anyone who plans to launch a mobile app.”

Bartek Wierzchowski
Founder & CEO at Seep