Reachora is a London-based medical education platform for all physicians worldwide. Built by a mixture of doctors, software engineers, data scientists and product experts, the company is leading the way in analyzing medical content.

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Website development for a medical platform

Filling staff shortages

We contacted Reachora’s team, asking if they needed any support for their Ruby on Rails app. Our timing turned out to be just on point, as the company was struggling with the engineering capacity back in the time.

We conducted a couple of calls and interviews, during which we proved our Ruby on Rails expertise and we got to meet Reachora’s team and learn its challenges. The decision was to start things rolling with a small pilot project.

And once the client was satisfied with its result, we proceeded with other, bigger projects.

Doing software things

Reachora’s ultimate goal was to improve the functionality of the software by adding new features. We established a clear understanding of the requirements, prepared detailed technical documentation and started with the coding.

Our smooth workflow, however, was as important as the quality of the code. When foreign developers work remotely for you, you want them to be well organized, easily accessible and you want them to clearly communicate the work progress.

To integrate into the client’s in-house team, we provided Reachora with milestones divided into phases and we were reporting the progress twice a week. A project manager, Wojtek, used Trello to communicate with them on a daily basis.

And doing them right

  • The project was delivered within the set deadline and budget.
  • We managed to quickly and seamlessly integrate into the client’s in-house team of developers.
  • After successfully completing all given tasks, we remained as Reachora’s backup dev team.

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