Race Hunt

Race Hunt is a social mobile application, that connects owners of fast and/or exotic cars. Its users like to call it “Tinder for petrolheads” and we won’t argue, it’s a quite relevant comparison.

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Quality Assurance

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Social app for car maniacs

Finding a freelancer is easy. Paying technological debt is not.

Dominik, the founder of the app, was looking for a replacement for the freelancer who was originally responsible for the development, and who wasn’t performing at the expected level.

We offered Dominik an iOS developer, who would revamp what was already done and take full control over the project, ensuring high quality of the code, day to day communication, and meeting deadlines

And no, we’re not saying freelancers can’t do their work properly. But we surely can. 🙂

Small side-project with limited budget

Race Hunt was a side-project made out of the heart’s need, and not particularly for the profit. As such, it needed to be kept cost-effective and run in a pleasant and considerate atmosphere.

We put a lot of effort into the project management, balancing between the client’s limited budget and the app’s development needs. We did all in our force to foster a collaborative environment and genuinely contribute with suggestions relevant to the client’s business.

Experience matters

Dominik chose us because he knew we had previous experience with similar iOS projects. He has provided us with very concrete requirements as well as the design and UX.

We conducted all the necessary work to make the app alive. We took care of the needed bug fixing, integrations, and new features like user profile with virtual garage, live updated list of cars and motorbikes nearby, easy swipe-based vehicles browser (told ya), range selection, and chat.

Finishing the race

  • We redesigned the app in a three-month timeframe, and most importantly, within the limited budget of a self-financed, side project.
  • We provided coding and new social networking features that helped build and maintain a community of 30,000 users.

Thank you, Dominik, for the common ride. We swipe this cooperation right!