Race Hunt

In few words – it’s like Tinder for car maniacs!

preview of race hunt app for car maniacs
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Dominik is the co-founder of the Race Hunt mobile application - a side project that allows car maniacs connect with other petrolheads, make an online garage and invite others for a meeting or a ride. The app matches users interested in exotic cars and racing.

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Fast Facts

Our team redesigned an iOS app for the racing community in a quick three-month timeframe. We provided coding and new social networking features that helped build and maintain a group of 30,000 users community.

Managing Freelancers Isn't Always Easy

The Hidden Cost of Hiring Freelancer

Thanks to the power and speed of the internet, you can find a freelancer for any job in five minutes or less. Does that mean you can find the right mobile developer? Not necessarily. That’s exactly the kind of circumstances we’ve met Dominik – Founder of Race Hunt.

We Took Over and Cleaned Up

Luckily at the time when Dominik approached us, one of the iOS developers was available and could step in to replace an iOS freelancer that wasn’t performing at the expected level. After taking over project we didn’t need more manpower to finish the job.

90 Days Later Finally on App Store

We provided coding for iOS, based on the requirements and mock-ups delivered by Dominik. The app also needed bug fixing, integrations, and new features: user profile with virtual garage, live updated list of cars and motorbikes nearby, easy swipe-based vehicles browser, range selection, and chat. It took us less than three months.



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App Store Rating



30 000

“Some people laugh that we are like Tinder for petrolheads.”


It’s hard to call Race Hunt a business; it’s not a commercial app. The whole thing started as a side project, and so it is up to now. Dominik didn’t promote the app, but it gained some publicity and managed to build an active community of users (30 000 fans on Facebook).

sport car parked as a promotion of the app

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“I hired United Ideas to replace an iOS freelancer that I’ve worked before. I needed skilled mobile developers to revamp what was done by him in the past. I was impressed by their project management and ability to address any of my needs. The team was trustworthy, considerate, and flexible with me. They followed a transparent methodology and managed the project well from start to finish.”

Picture of Dominik Tomasik
Dominik Tomasik
Founder & CEO at Race Hunt

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