PWC is one of the Big Four largest professional service networks in the world, providing accounting, auditing and consulting services. This time, they got hired by Santander Consumer Bank, the biggest consumer credit bank in Poland, to redefine their mobile app used by car dealers.

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Establishing Top position in the country

Wanting to secure its top position, Santander needs to continually improve its services and adapt them to ever-changing consumer behavior. The bank wanted to streamline and simplify the car-buying process, as car loans account for a large percentage of its revenue.

Our job was to define how car dealers sell loaning products and how, if at all, do they use Santander’s mobile application.

Based on those insights, we were supposed to create mock-ups, documentation, and strategies to ease the buying process and to improve the app according to salespeople’s behavior and needs.

Going beyond the role of developers

This was no ordinary case for a software house, as it didn’t require any software development. We had to understand the ins and outs of car dealers’ daily work, focusing primarily on their use of credit mobile apps.

We took full responsibility for designing both online and off-line product experiences. It required us to talk directly to the sellers over the phone and in-store. To do so, together with the client, we came up with mystery shopping personas and stories. We created multiple identities, representing different types of buyers.

And, what is even more extraordinary for software developers, we moved away from our computers to do the research.

Car loan before the end of a test drive

  • We delivered an app prototype with recommendations on technical requirements, infrastructure, app specification and UX.
  • The new app allows potential clients to book a test drive and apply for a car loan before they even finish the ride.
  • The decision can be made straight away, making it the fastest credit line in this category available on the market.

Because of law contradictions, we couldn’t take over the process of development. The new app, however, works until this day, and it’s still being improved to maintain Santander’s leading position in the field of consumer credits.

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