Ever wondered how a mobile application could affect leasing and car loan sales? The financial sector has never been that close to a revolutionary change for automotive before.

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PwC approaches all their business challenges in a holistic manner. It applies to all elements of the process: from product range and competition analysis, through technological development ending at meeting customers’ high expectations. They provide services to 420 of Fortune ranking’s 500-companies. During our cooperation they were asked to conduct a feasibility study for one of the biggest European consumer banks. We had an opportunity to help them with mobile insights and tech expertise as a technology partner.

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Together with PwC, we conducted a feasibility study based on qualitative user research for Santander Consumer Bank. The result was a mobile app prototype allowings potential dealership clients to apply for a car loan before they even finish their test drive. The decision is made instantly, all within the app making it the fastest crediting option available on the market.

Santander rolled into the mobile app to streamline and simplify the car-buying process

There are numerous mobile apps available for auto dealers on the market today. Most of them are basic solutions bringing together buyers and car dealerships. This opens up opportunities for the dealers to reevaluate their age-old selling methods and take advantage of how the technology-savvy consumers changed their buying processes.

In this particular case, our goal was to build a prototype of a mobile solution for Santander Consumer Bank. The solution was aimed at car dealers, and ought to allow their clients to apply for a car loan with a real-time credit decision.

Apply for a car loan before you even finish the test drive

Together with PwC, we conducted qualitative user research, then delivered an app prototype with recommendations on technical requirements, infrastructure, app specification, and UX design.

The app allows potential clients to book a test drive and apply for a car loan before they even finish the ride. After it’s done it provides car buyers with up to four tailored loan or lease offers, all in a matter of minutes. The decision can be made straight away, making it the fastest credit line in this category available on the market. After all, you don’t want your clients to perform a hundred actions in order to obtain the information they need to complete the purchase.

The fastest credit line in this category available on the market

As more consumers turn to mobile devices to add cars to their digital shopping lists, Santander Consumer Bank will be uniquely positioned to reach this growing population. Through an easy-to-use digital platform, the app connects ready-to-buy car shoppers with everything they need to drive off the lot in their new vehicle.

It allows you to determine the value of their trade-in; apply for financing; and select from up to four personalized finance offers in minutes – all from one application. Consumers can then take their offer of choice to their local dealership to purchase the vehicle they selected.



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“They’re the most proactive provider we’ve engaged with for this work. We invited them to meet with our client, and they proved their worth, providing valuable insights and technical expertise. They successfully designed and presented the working prototype we needed. It worked as intended and met all the business requirements. Our client was happy with the results - and from what I know they implemented the solution based on the research and prototypes we provided.”

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Laura Matwiejczyk
Consultant at PwC

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Common work to transform the buying journey in automotive industry.

The overall use of smartphones and tablets is something you obviously can’t ignore. Of course, customers still would love to visit car dealer showroom or browse a website for new car models. But it’s just not enough these days. Modern gadgets are tend to be a powerful marketing platform.

The above story is just an example of the ongoing trend we see in the automotive industry. Mobile apps can help car dealerships drive all stages of the marketing funnel: boost sales, streamline service booking & increase customer retention. There’s simply no need to be tied to a computer and confusing software anymore.

Send potential buyers who left the showroom without making a purchase follow-up messaging about vehicles they may have looked at. Provide information they may have sought out while on the premises. Send post-sale follow-ups to drive loyalty, engagement and customer retention.

Once you go mobile you can modify your app contents on real time. Send limited offers using push notifications, inform about the reception of new vehicles, offers, and limited promotions. You can also manage test drive and service bookings, inventory, repair estimates and send push notifications.