Oriflame is a Swedish beauty brand, with 6,000 employees, 1,000 products in the range, and a turnover of over 1.3 billion Euro. The company operates in 60 countries, where its cosmetics are marketed by over 3 million brand partners.

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Web development

Web development

Product design

Web design



Long-term support of a beauty gigant

The usual start for enterprise projects

We contacted the polish branch of Oriflame early in 2019, asking if they needed any technological support. The timing was quite fortunate, as they were looking for a partner, who would address the ongoing needs of the marketing department.

But you don’t just show up at a corporate meeting, pitch your development team, and sign a deal for several years, do you? We had to start from the beginning: with a couple of tasks for Oriflame’s website.

Building trust through quality work

After completing the first project, Oriflame has started giving us more and more tasks. That was a hella challenge because not only we had to adapt to the corporate’s internal systems and rules, but our work was aimed at clients from all corners of the world.

Meaning, we had to provide Oriflame with technological support in many languages, often working on projects from different time zones.

After three months of successfully doing so, their marketing department has decided to stay with us as their main technological supporter. Yikes!

Development support that makes difference

  • We were providing them with tools both for internal and external use.
  • Every 2 months we were updating and distributing Oriflame’s catalog to a worldwide, multicultural audience
  • The app we created has half a million users, with monthly traffic up to 100k

Thank you, Oriflame Team for your trust, and catch you on Slack anytime soon. 🙂

Meet Oriflame Team

We were adjusting our team according to our client’s needs

UI/UX Designer
Project Manager
Project Manager
Digital Manager at Oriflame
What Marta says about us:

"Their communication was great. That was one of the things that I liked working with them in general. The involved team was always available, so I could always ask questions. They were still entirely consistent with whoever was on the project, meaning no turnover in resources. The quality of the products and their work has been excellent too. United Ideas addresses all of our needs."


years of ongoing cooperation


team members

1 000 000+

unique users/month


increase in sales