DBB is a leading polish marketing agency, with the world’s biggest brands in its portfolio. McDonald’s is a world-wide recognized pencil manufacturer… oh, stop it, you. Why are we bringing these two up?

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The most popular mobile app in Poland

Doing big things since 2012

2012 was not only the time of the London Olympics, Facebook’s IPO, or Felix Baumgartner’s leap into the stratosphere. That year, McDonald’s and DDB teamed up to boost customer engagement and loyalty for the fast-food chain in Poland.

The overall goal was to build a viral marketing campaign around a new feature of the McD’s mobile app, allowing customers to match with their friends based on restaurant menu choices.

Mobile app for millions of (hungry) users

The only missing part was technical expertise to make this idea real. Back in 2012, machine learning wasn’t as common as nowadays. The project required the industry’s top engineers, and this is where United Ideas hopped in.

The app was already in place, so the challenge was to fully understand its environment. It was designed to serve millions of users each month, so we started with a deep dive into the already written code.

Our role was to develop and implement the new feature and compose it into an existing environment. The developmental work we did, consisted of innovative development, including AI and matching patterns.

Hand in hand with the client

We teamed up on-site with the creative geniuses who stood behind the idea of the app’s feature. We worked hand-in-hand for the biggest fast-food chain in the world, and we had to meet its high expectations and demands.

Teaming up with an external team and working on a corporate-size project can be a hard thing unless it’s perfectly managed. And that’s what we took care of, providing DBB with the best project management talent we had in place.

The most popular app in the country

  • The app we worked on was the most famous Polish mobile application from 2012 to 2016 when it got replaced by a global McD’s solution.
  • It held over a million users each month and became the first mobile success story in our country.

We are proud and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this story to this day. Thank you for your trust and smooth cooperation, DDB.

We were lovin’ it!




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