The legend lives on. The most famous Polish mobile application in 2012-2016.

preview of official mcdonalds mobile app
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The most famous Polish mobile application In 2012-2016. Created with DDB. Used by over a million people each month.

We were hired to implement a new feature boosting customer engagement and loyalty for McDonald’s. Our goal was to compose it into an existing mobile app and its 1 000 000 monthly active users.

Go Viral or Go Home

DDB’s overarching internal goal was to build a viral marketing campaign, boosting customer engagement and loyalty for one of the biggest clients. The idea behind the campaign was a solution allowing customers to match with their friends based on restaurant menu choices. The only missing part was technical expertise to advance the creative idea.

Reinventing Virality with Machine Learning

After the DDB team vetted other companies, United Ideas eventually got hired. We began with a deep dive into already written code, coming on site to collaborate with the creative team. Our primary goal was to develop and implement a new feature and compose it into an existing environment. Thanks to the collected user data points it allowed the app to automatically learn.

Our Confidential Two Cents to the Legendary Application

Due to the high privacy of the project, we can’t share as many details as we would like to. It was quite a challenge to implement a solution which would affect over 1 000 000 of monthly active users. It required innovative development, including AI and matching patterns.



Team members




Lines of code

80 000


2 000 000

Active Users

1 400 000

The Most Popular Mobile App in Poland.

The Polish version of the app, later on, was replaced in 2016 by a global McDonald’s solution. However, briefly described work accomplished by the DDB agency made a great history. It was one of the first mobile app success stories in our country and we are proud and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this story. Until this day you can find a lot of articles and case studies on how brands can take advantage of technology in order to achieve their goals and deliver the best customer experience to the clients.

The DDB team made this legendary. In fact, retail mobile apps don’t get much bigger than this.

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“Once we came to an agreement on the budget and features, United Ideas immediately started working to meet the tight deadline. They had excellent project management and always delivered on their promises — that was a big plus. They’re talented team that offers a comprehensive list of services and capabilities. Their work has allowed us to offer more value to our clients and move beyond prior development limits. They worked by our side to create the best product possible.”

Picture of Mateusz Książek
Mateusz Książek
Creative Director at DDB