Jägermeister is one of the most recognizable brands on the market, most particularly with the community of 21-29. Its reputation of an ultimate choice for the party has accelerated the sales making the German speciality the #1 imported liquor in the United States.

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Social media app for Jägermeister - It’s My Party!

A to Z app development based on the client’s idea

Jägermeister marketing team was creating a new campaign and one of its key elements was a party-oriented social media app. Application’s main purpose was to create party lobbies, invite friends and organize one-shot communities within those parties. During the party, members could add photos and videos to the collection and the app allowed them to create a video compilation or a photo story afterwards.

We were creating the app in partnership with Appvetica. Our job was to create each and every part of the app according to the marketing instructions. We were responsible for the design, full-stack development and UX.

How to make an app go viral

One of the goals of the Jägermeister app was to engage their customers and encourage them to share photos and videos with each other. We knew that it wouldn’t work if it was only within the app, so we implemented a full integration with Facebook and WhatsApp. That, perhaps, was the most accelerating factor of generating over 100 000 videos during the campaign.

Working in partnership on a huge project

The project was a big one. It was an element of a global campaign, so as usual with this sort of apps, we were working on a really tight schedule. We had a very detailed plan and we had to stick to it no matter what. We truly worked as a team with Appvetica and we made sure the project goes as smoothly as a shot of Jäger down the throat.

How much did we contribute to all the parties around the world?

  • App available on 14 markets
  • 100 000 movies generated
  • Countless Jägerbombs drank and recorded

We would like to thank Izabela and their entire team for the cooperation in this incredible project.




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team members


lines of code

50 000


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700 000