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Allow your readers simply scan a page and discover all brands, products and services right at the moment that matters the most.

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iine Card Japan was founded by a group of fashion and lifestyle market insiders who understood the opportunity of influencing consumer buying behavior, experience and patterns of consumption in the fashion market segment. It’s the marketplace mobile application that gives a new opportunity for marketers and plenty of business categories where print media is used on a regular basis. With only a few clicks of the mobile phones, readers can access all desired brands, services and products.

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Our client was looking for someone who could take over their project from previous vendors. We helped iine team launch the new version of the MVP to prove the concept of business. Up to now, the app has more than 10 000 downloads and around 2000 Active Users. Currently, we focus on building new features in order to establish a product-market fit and then scale iine business.



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400 000


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Active users


“United Ideas is our partner in further developing our white label mobile application. The scope of cooperation includes conceptual and advisory work, preparation of graphics, programming work as well as handling of current tasks and queries. We are content with the commitment of United Ideas, the quality of their service and cooperation, and recommend United Ideas for their services."

Rouven Woszidlo iine Founder Picture
Rouven Woszidlo
Co-Founder & COO at iine Card Japan