Gang Slodziakow

“Gang Slodziakow” is a mobile game dedicated for children. Developed for the largest discount supermarket chain in Poland.

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Huta 19 is a full-service branding agency offering of advertising, marketing, and consultancy solutions. They are a team of digital professionals who love online marketing, each committed to remaining at the forefront of the digital space and delivering market-leading results for their clients. Huta 19 has a long track record in working with some of the biggest and finest brands like MTV, Nickelodeon and Viacom.

The apps have received great feedback in the stores, in addition to nearly 300,000 downloads. As a part of national marketing campaign game hit the app stores as a nr. 1 trending game in Poland.

We need a mobile game, now

Mobile applications have turned into a quick enrichment tool for the marketing industry. This time Huta 19 was working on a tight deadline for one of their biggest clients – Jeronimo Martins.

They needed to build a mobile application dedicated to children as part of an offline loyalty program for the largest discount supermarket chain in country. They had to act quickly and efficiently.

They were already familiar with United Ideas, so once they received green light for the project, luckily for us we became the obvious choice among the other considered vendors.

How about a series of games?

We had a quick brainstorming session regarding ideas for a series of mobile games instead just one and came to an agreement by the end of the day. In gaming apps for kids, the activity includes a range of challenges, actions, and reactions that lead to skill acquisition and achievement as levels are played and mastered.

Our goals were to prevent users from rapidly uninstalling the app after downloading it and drive engagement with our client’s brand.

300 000 downloads after 2 weeks

As a part of national marketing campaign game hit the app stores as a nr. 1 trending game in Poland. The apps have attracted a significant number of users in a short time and garnered positive reviews on the App Store and Google Play. The apps reached 300 000 installs after two weeks since the launch.

It was followed with massive organic buzz as well – tens of publications and video reviews appeared across most popular social-media platforms. Huta 19 didn’t stop there. They engaged famous actors and created series of cartoons published on YouTube channel.



Team members




Lines of code






What’s next

In November 2018 Huta 19’s team was recognized with an Effie award for the retail marketing campaign. These awards are open to advertising agencies, design consultancies, digital agencies, production companies, marketing agencies, PR and more. Putting creativity back in the spotlight, these awards are here to appreciate inventiveness and use of the technology during the digital revolution.

Up to now, the apps have been downloaded nearly 400,000 times and have received great feedback in the app stores. Children are very engaged with the apps and love to play with them. Recently Jeronimo Martins decided about launching similar apps for their domestic, Portuguese market.

"No technical challenge was too much for them, not even when we requested changes beyond our scope. They excel at sticking to timelines and budgets. We ran a fast-moving process, and their relatively small team of developers got our apps done quickly. The talent in their development department is amazing."

Piotr Jablonski Huta 19 CEO Picture
Piotr Jabłoński
CEO at Huta 19

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