Ubrania do Oddania

Keep your unwanted belongings out of landfill by giving them a new life and getting them in the hands of someone who really requires them.

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A Polish venture capital-backed fundraising platform that connects charity organizations with people willing to help. It allows ordinary people to donate unnecessary clothes. Each kg of donated clothes generates money that is transferred to charities.

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What at first was a Ruby on Rails MVP delivered in 90 days ended up as a VC-backed charity platform with over 200 fundraised campaigns and nomination to one of the largest global accelerators for start-ups who use business to tackle the world’s biggest social and environmental issues.

The First Platform of its Kind

The idea behind a platform was born in the United Kingdom. People are handing more and more of old clothes over – via shops, collection bags or clothing banks – for reuse by new owners. In fact, it’s a 6 billion industry presenting huge opportunities to innovation and technology.

Founders of the platform wanted to change the way people donate clothes to support charities. Simply speaking to allow them to schedule a pickup and donate at the doorstep. The vision of a future website seemed unusual since it’s the first platform of its kind. The intuitive design was one of the main requirements.

The Journey of Your Old Clothes

Tomek’s wife came up with the idea for the project in 2017. We started working together in January 2018. They wanted to create an MVP version of the platform as soon as possible, to validate the idea and prove the concept to investors.

The first version of the platform was launched after a few months, first users and revenue appeared weeks later. After promising feedback from the community, Tomek (CEO) decided to continue the development of the platform. We are proud of every single donation, which helps the ones who need it.

200 Fundraising Campaigns Up To Now

Up to this day, Tomek and his team achieved many milestones. While the platform is still being developed they already managed to collect 35 tons of clothes from donors, who simply need to schedule a pickup and donate at the doorstep. Across 2018 Ubrania do Oddania established cooperation with 83 charity organizations and ran nearly 200 fundraising campaigns.

The market absorption is tremendous – the target value of campaigns reaches 6 mln dollars. For now, together we focus on scaling our systems, databases and improving the user experience. Otherwise, we won’t be able to manage our processes effectively. It’s a constant learning curve.



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We’re Proud When You Get Featured. Every Time.

Ubrania do Oddania was invited as an innovative and responsible business to take part in Chivas Venture. The top accelerator programme for social entrepreneurs from around the world who are using business to create a better future.

For years Chivas has been funding and mentoring entrepreneurs who tackle the world’s biggest social and environmental issues giving them 1 million in no-strings funding, and expert coaching as a part of the  Chivas Venture Accelerator Programme.

Over 100 start-ups accelerated in the first three years of the Chivas Venture have transformed over 1,000,000 lives across 40 countries. We’ll raise a glass to that!

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“Their ability to deliver sprints stands out. Their developers worked through the night several times, and I appreciate that commitment. 2018 was an eventful year, but we built a solid partnership. I would recommend them to anyone considering a similar project.”

Tomasz Bocian Ubrania do Oddania Founder Picture
Tomasz Bocian
Founder & CEO at Ubrania do Oddania

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