Foodsi is a start-up that helps reducing food waste. Their mobile marketplace is a win-win solution for the restaurant owners, who can sell excess food, and for the people, who can buy it at lower prices. When we first met, their client base consisted of several food trucks, but that was just about to change.

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Taking over the development of a food ordering startup

Getting ready for a big client

The previous vendor took the food industry too seriously and left Foodsi with tons of spaghetti code. As the Startup was growing and acquired the first big fish client with multiple restaurants and bakeries, their app had to meet much higher requirements.

We received a detailed scope of work and we added fresh ideas to the mix too. We refactored features that help the restaurants manage the customers’ orders (multi-login, admin panel, dashboards, etc.), and we made the interface fast and intuitive for the users.

Meeting a startup’s budget and deadlines

Just like their app prevents restaurants from wasting food, we were supposed to squeeze the maximum out of every dollar spent on the cooperation. If you’re a startup, you want to be able to start and stop development according to the limited budget and a non-regular cash income.

We came up with many ideas on how to make this project cost-efficient, with no loss to the quality of it. We provided Foodsi with a flexible team, avoiding full-time engagement from any of its members.

Establishing a long-time partnership

Having a bad experience with the previous vendor, Foodsi was looking for a reliable partner and long-term development cooperation.

Throughout the initial project, the startup was open to our ideas and relied on our technological expertise. We updated the app multiple times now and we’re continually working on its new features and improvements.

Delivering foo… RESULTS!

Thanks to Foodsi’s openness to new ideas, as well as to our developers’ proactiveness and PM’s magisterial work (thank you, Mat), our client:

  • Received the project under the estimated time and budget
  • Quadrupled revenue and closed the funding round for further investments
  • Went from serving single food trucks to work with multinational restaurant chains

12 months

team members


app rating



150 000

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