Emma and Sonia had an idea for an app. A brilliant one. They also had a vision of how it’s supposed to look. They just needed a talented dev and design team to make it happen, so we took over the process.

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Build your cooking catalogue and print your own book using just one app - Fareloom

Cooking catalogue on steroids

When we first heard about the Fareloom project, we were fascinated. The idea was complex and had a huge potential. It was so compelling we were almost confused (but in a good way).

Like, really, a cooking app is not supposed to have such smart solutions. Recipe scanning, imports and exports, creating catalogs, collections, groups for friends or family… and even printing a book!

Create an actual cookbook

Yes, the app allows you to create a collection of your specific recipes and turn them into a beautifully edited print-ready PDF. For example – let’s say you want to finally gather all your Christmas specialities into one book that you can give someone.

Now the fun part – you can print it yourself or order the hardcover version directly in the app. Cool, huh?

The app must be beautiful like nothing before

That’s not an exaggeration or a joke. When we asked Emma and Sonia about their vision for the app’s design, they literally said: “it must be prettier than any app we’ve ever seen.”. According to them, there is no app on the market that could be a benchmark for the project… allegedly.

We had to take their word for it and we won’t say it was easy, but our designer Ania likes the challenge and she created a stunning project that met the client’s unusually high expectations.

The project born from passion became something truly remarkable and beautiful

  • the most complex cooking catalogue available 
  • a groundbreaking set of features 
  • numerous recipes saved for eternity!




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