Huta 19 is a branding agency offering a full scope of marketing solutions to the biggest brands, such as MTV, Nickelodeon, or Viacom. In 2018 they teamed up with Biedronka, the biggest retail chain in Poland, to promote the second edition of their biggest marketing campaign ever.

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A national weight mobile game for hundreds of thousands

High-risk project

The first edition of Biedronka’s marketing campaign, which consisted of collecting stickers, that you would exchange for a limited edition of plushies, was absolute madness. Not just kids, but whole families were doing all in their power to collect all the stuffed toys.

And the competition wasn’t always clean.

In addition to the offline campaign, there was a mobile game for kids, too. We were hired to create it from scratch. In fact, our responsibility was way beyond the app itself. We were responsible for the good name of the biggest supermarket chain in Poland.

If the game came out as a failure, it would be a huge stain on the good name of the brand. And hell would break loose in our country.

The usual start for enterprise projects

The client was already familiar with our work. They chose us as a contractor because they knew we would be able to deliver a stable and fully functional application for half a million users with as short notice as 3 weeks.

We were responsible for the whole scope of the project, including not just the design and development, but also creating characters and their story, doing voice-overs, and scoring the music.

We also came up with an idea to make not just one, but a series of games, to prevent users from rapid uninstallation, and to drive even more engagement with the brand.

All in less than a month!

300,000 downloads in one week!

  • The app received great feedback in the stores, with nearly 300,000 downloads a week the release.
  • In November 2018 our client was recognized with an Effie award for the retail marketing campaign. These awards are given for inventiveness and use of technology during the digital revolution.
  • Recently Jeronimo Martins, the owner of Biedronka, decided to launch similar apps for their domestic, Portuguese market.

That was a great challenge and lots of fun for us. Thank you, Huta, for the adventure you took us on!



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