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The Arrinera Hussarya is a supercar by Polish automotive manufacturer Arrinera Automotive. It is the first supercar designed and engineered in Poland. Everything began when two brothers, Marek and Łukasz Tomkiewicz decided that Poland deserved to have its own supercar. Therefore in 2008 they established a company which at first started to investigate the global supercar market and to create the framework for its own long-term supercar project.

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A manufacture hypercar firm located in Birmingham. Recently decided to build a mobile app as a part of their multimedia system. We delivered a prototype in less than 2 months. The final version of an app enables you to lock or unlock the car via your smartphone from anywhere, start the car to warm it up in advance or stop it if it's currently running, check tire pressure or other gauges from your phone or find your car on a map. It provides real-time analytics as well.

So you want to compete with Aston Martin?

The first prototype was built as a proof-of-concept vehicle in order to assess development strategies for future cars. A decision was taken to proceed with a mid-engined rear-drive layout and a bespoke chassis. A professional race car was born which debuted publicly at the Autosport show in Birmingham in January 2016.

Designing the mobile app the hypercar deserves

Apps for smartphones have long become indispensable for our daily lives. Now, they make for enhanced comfort in sports cars and luxury limousines as well. Car makers the world over are in the early stages of leveraging smartphones for fine-tuned control over their vehicles. Arrinera manufacturer keeps up with the times. With the mobile app, we helped to build you own remote control for your car.

Get more control over your car from your phone

Arrinera offers an innovative possibility of connecting your smartphone to your own vehicle. You can retrieve vehicle data, lock the car and more without sitting inside the car yourself. This makes it possible to perform status requests concerning mileage, tire pressure, and fuel level, block and deblock the doors as well as activate the auxiliary heating and ventilation.



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Could you plaese add Tesla to our competitor list?

Following the global trends, Arrinera directs its development path towards electrification. The platform on which the Arrinera car is built is refined and tested while giving the opportunity to build an Electric Hypercar based on it.

The United Ideas team held preliminary interviews and acquainted themselves with our company before they started writing code. We outlined the blueprint process and our goals. From there, United Ideas began developing our car multimedia system. They executed a complex development and creation pipeline. The team designed the UX/UI and collaborated on QA. Although their team was small, it comprised talented and accommodating developers. They provided exceptional service and ensured our satisfaction with the work."

Lukasz Tomkiewicz Arrinera CEO Picture
Lukasz Tomkiewicz
CEO at Arrinera

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