Is This the Year You Learn to Code? – 5 Must-Discover Resources for Newbies

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Are you tired of trying to ignore that niggling voice that is telling you that you should learn how to code? Are you aware of the thousands of jobs going unfilled within the software engineering sector and are fed up with not having the skills necessary to apply for those positions? If this is the year you start down the path to financial freedom, following are a few resources that can help you learn how to write code. Are you ready to start living your dream?


If you have no experience whatsoever in writing code, you might want to dive into CodeHS . Designed for high school teachers who want to teach their students computer science, CodeHS  is an excellent option for newbie computer programmers. Offering options for individuals as well as home schooling enthusiasts, CodeHS  can teach you anything from JavaScript and HTML design to animation and computer graphics.


Another excellent option for those with zero programming knowledge is Codecademy . You can learn to create websites and mobile applications using a variety of programming languages. Whether you want to learn CSS and HTML or you want to learn the basics of jQuery and Python, you can pick up the skills you need via Codecademy .


Treehouse will teach you how to write code for as little as $25 per month. Languages covered include JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Python. Learn how to create your own iOS and Android apps or design WordPress themes and plugins.

Code School

Code School teaches programming via online video tutorials. Languages covered include Objective C, Angular.js, and Ruby on Rails. Code School can help you choose additional courses to round out your software engineering knowledge and can help you build up a portfolio of work on GitHub.


Thinkful can teach you how to write code by pairing you with an expert in your programming language of choice. Whether you want to learn how to create iOS apps using Apple’s new Swift language or you want to brush up on your web design techniques, Thinkful can set you on the right path.

These are just five of numerous resources you can consider if you want to keep your commitment to learn how to code. Jumping in is likely to be the toughest part. Once you are immersed in learning and are able to see the ‘fruits of your labour’, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to start. Who knows, you just might pick up enough skills to create the next Fruit Ninja or Candy Crush mobile app!

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