How to take care of your health while working from home. Remember about workplace ergonomics.

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workplace ergonomics

Care for your health – remember about workplace ergonomics.

As a professional code writer, you tend to spend a lot of time sitting at your desk. It can lead to many work-related injuries. Back issues, carpal tunnel are just examples of injuries you might experience if you forget about workplace ergonomics.

It’s worth investing some time and money to boost up your desk and make it a more enjoyable place. You’ll spend here whole days anyway. 😁

Make sure your monitor is at your eye level.

Don’t hunch your back! Probably everyone has heard that from their parents at some point. And I can’t stress that enough as well. Lower back and neck pains are not something you want to deal with. 

Also, it’s a great chance to make your office setup look futuristic! There are plenty of options on how to elevate your monitors and make them float on top of your desk. 

It doesn’t only looks cool but allows you to adjust the screen position as much as you like.

Here you can find some examples of monitor stands.

  1. Dual Monitor Mount
  2. Fleximount

Wrist ergonomics.

Those of you who watched the silicon valley series can remember that Erlich Bachman was no longer able to code due to his carpal tunnel! It’s a severe problem!

work ergonomy - take care of your wrists

The solution is keyboard and mouse ergonomics. As controversial as it sounds, you should replace your apple magic keyboard and magic mouse with peripherals designed to support the natural shape of your wrist.

Look for a mouse that is ergonomically shaped. Look at vertical mice if you want to support your wrist fully and mostly use pointer in your workflow.

Here are some examples of those accessories:

  1. Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse
  2. Kinesis Vertical Wireless Mouse
  3. Logitech Wireless Mouse

The keyboard should be of ergonomic shape as well! The most common option is Microsoft sculpt. I’m personally a massive fan of kinesis split keyboards. You can adjust and tilt them as much as you like. Unfortunately, they are hard to get outside of the US and relatively expensive.

Here are some links for ergonomic keyboards:

  1. Microsoft Keyboard
  2. Kinesis Keyboard
  3. Logitech Keyboard

Workplace ergonomics – standing desk.

Of course, you don’t want to stand all day. But a standing desk will allow you to shift your coding from standing to sitting multiple times a day, thus making it dynamic and preventing joint stagnation. 

When it comes to furniture, I usually shop at IKEA. They have both electric and manual standing desks. Manual is a good value price, plus you don’t need to occupy yet another socket for your desk mechanism.

Also, a manual standing desk allows you to work out each time you lift it! 😊

You can find these desks here.

Keep your light natural.

As long as it’s possible, try to keep your source of light natural. Your eyes will get tired much less if you use sunlight instead of, for example, lamps. It’s also better for the planet and cheaper! 😉

The best way is to set your monitor, so it’s perpendicular to the light. This way you will use natural light, and it won’t shine in your eyes. 

Work out!

Workplace ergonomics - work out regularly to keep being healthy

Spending all day stationary, no matter how ergonomic, is no good for your body! A good choice is to go out there and train something. 

Of course, pandemic makes it difficult, but a walk or a bike ride at the end of the day is an excellent way to get some exercise and relieve some stress.

Depending on where you live, if gyms are already opened, you can go, sign up and start doing some sports. 

Choose what you like. Dancing climbing martial arts, you name it!

I miss my BJJ classes and hope I’ll be back on mats soon!

Get some move during work.

Sometimes you have so much work that it’s hard to find time for additional exercises. In this case, at least make regular brakes. 

Every half an hour, stand up and take a walk around the house or in the fresh air if the weather is nice. It will help both your body and keeping your mind fresh. Even standing or walking during calls helps.

Pomodoro might be an excellent technique to help you keep moving throughout the day.

If you want to learn more about Pomodoro, read our blog post about it.

Ergonomics and travel

Travel is much more complicated. And, if you don’t spend most of the time on trip, I wouldn’t suggest any improvements.

I try to keep my on-the-go setup as minimal as possible. However, an external travel monitor and portable stand could be helpful.

If you would like to learn more about working during your travels, let us know!

Here are some links that might be helpful:

  1. Portable monitor
  2. Laptop stand


We hope that those tips on workplace ergonomics will help you to keep healthy. As you saw, they are not only for developers but also also for everyone working on a a computer for a longer time.

Check out more tips for better productivity and much more on our blog. 

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