United Ideas awarded as Top Developers in Poland by Clutch.

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Top developers in Poland 2021

In United Ideas, our goal is to help our customers make their dream apps and websites come true by connecting their ideas and our ideas and expertise. Therefore we do what we can to do it as well as possible to be one of the best developers in Poland.

By now, we have over ten years of experience under Clutch Award for Best Developers in Poland 2021our belts. We craft beautiful, usable, and practical solutions that aim to help your business.

For us, our clients’ best interests come first — we dedicate ourselves to helping them thrive and succeed.

Thanks to our drive, we’ve recently been recognized by Clutch. According to Clutch, we are one of the top ten developers in Poland in Ruby on Rails.

We were beyond disbelief when we found out about this honor. To extend our appreciation, here are a few words from our CEO:

“It’s an amazing feeling to be awarded as one of the best in our branch and see our efforts appreciated. For us, it’s just the beginning of the long journey, but it’s a great motivation to be even better!” — Łukasz Chojnowski, CEO of United Ideas.

We are more than happy that our customers and partners appreciate what we do and how we do it. We promise you that we’ll keep it up to you and be even better!

Therefore we hope, that you will appreciate us again as top developers in Poland in the upcoming years.

Thank you very much.

United Ideas Team

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