Top events for web developers in 2022: first half of the year

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2022 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is attending more web development events and conferences, welcome to the club. In this post, we will keep a list of some of the most interesting events for web developers happening this year.

FlutterVikings in Oslo

When: 2-3 February

Where: online

Price: free

As the biggest nordic Flutter conference, Flutter Vikings is high up on our list of interesting events. It’ll happen twice this year, too: fully online on the 2nd and 3rd of February, then both in person and online in the summer. To attend the online part, you must book a free ticket. The in person part requires an investment of NOK 4,000-5,000. While the conference’s full program isn’t available yet, you can check out the speaker profiles (and, in some cases, the abstracts for their talks) on the event website.

JSWORLD in Amsterdam

When: 9-11 February

Where: Amsterdam and online

Price: free or € 314,54-1.069,58

This huge JavaScript conference will have 3000+ attendees and 40+ speakers. It takes place over 3 full days, and you can access the talks online for free, or attend in person with a paid ticket. On February 9th, the theme of the day will be broad: all things JavaScript. The 10th and 11th, on the other hand, are focused on Vue.js. To learn more, check out the event’s program.

CityJS in London

When: 23-25 March

Where: London and online

Price: £50-150

This JavaScript conference actually takes part in six locations around the globe: in India, Greece, Nigeria, Brazil, Singapore and the UK. To learn more about each of them, you can visit the event website. We will focus on the London conference. The call for papers for CityJS is ongoing and will end on January 15, which means that the full lineup of speakers isn’t available yet. However, experts such as Shruti Kapoor from PayPal and Ada Rose Cannon from Samsung have already been featured on the website.

SmashingConf in San Francisco

When: 28-31 March

Where: San Francisco

Price: $649-1,497

Advertised as a friendly, inclusive event, this conference is ready for only 300-400 attendees, so it may be best to snatch a ticket quickly. Organized at Fort Mason in San Francisco, SmashingConf promises 13 speakers and 8 deep dive workshops, with topics focused on real world problems, practical solutions, and shortcuts for getting things done. Rather than presentations with slides, you should expect live sessions dedicated to refactoring, debugging, sketching, and more. The conference’s main theme are front-end and UX, but any web developer or designer is likely to enjoy it, and return home with actionable insights.

API Conference in the Hague

When: 4-6 April

Where: the Hague and online

Price: €494-1389

This conference focuses on web APIs, API design and management, offering 2 days of power workshops, 25+ international speakers, and plenty of networking opportunities. You can find the program and information about the speakers on the event website.

iJS in London

When: 25-28 April

Where: London and online

Price: £467-1,079 (+VAT)

Here’s another hybrid conference gathering the international JavaScript community. It promises a full-stack experience, covering Angular, React, PWAs, and much more. Aside from 4 days of talks and workshops with 40+ expert speakers, the conference will be a great opportunity to attend a JS-focused expo. The program is already available on the event website.

RailsConf in Portland

When: 17-19 May

Where: Portland, Oregon

Price: not announced

RailsConf is the largest and longest-running Ruby on Rails event in the world. Although there are no details about speakers, tickets or the program just yet, we’re excited. We’ll be sure to watch out for any updates regarding this event.

Webinale in Berlin

When: 30 May – 3 June

Where: Berlin and online

Price: €323-1,029

This holistic web conference includes 5 days with 60+ workshops, sessions and keynotes. Attendees will get to learn from 50+ speakers focused on cutting edge technologies and business solutions, with topics ranging from web development to online marketing. For those interested in a hands-on experience, workshops will take up 2 full days. The program and speaker bios are available on the event website.

JSConf Budapest

When: 2-3 June

Where: Budapest

Price: €205-410

This non-profit conference, organized by the JavaScript community for the community, has been a long time coming! The original call for papers ended in April of 2021. The conference was pushed back by a year due to covid-19. You can check out the speakers and their topics on the event website.

CSS Day in Amsterdam

When: 9-10 June

Where: Amsterdam

Price: not announced

Much like JSConf, CSS Day was also postponed – twice! Originally planned for 2020, then moved to 2021, it’s finally happening in 2022. The organizers promise expert-level talks and interesting topics. The (incomplete) list of speakers is up on the event website. We’re eager to see the community meet again after so long, and we’re cheering the CSS Day team in their efforts to provide opportunities for both learning and enjoyment during the event.

Stay tuned

We will continue to update this list as time goes on and more information becomes available. We would also love to know your thoughts and recommendations on upcoming web development conferences. Any exciting event plans in 2022? Share them in the comments!

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