Things to Avoid Doing When Negotiating Rates as a Freelancer

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As a freelancer, you have control over how much you charge for your services for the most part. Usually, you tell the client your availability and send them samples. Once they decide they like your work, they ask you “How much do you charge”. You can say anything under the sun and the client can accept it, reject it, or initiate negotiations. Majority of the time they are going to try to negotiate your rate. Therefore, today this article is going to discuss things to avoid doing when negotiating your rates as a freelancer so you do not end up hating yourself later.

Never Agree to a Price Immediately

Just because a client asks you for your rate, you do not have to give them an immediate quote. First, this makes it seem as though you are desperate for work because you did not take the time to evaluate what all is required for the job. Second, you have to make sure that you are being paid what the job is worth. You have to do research on what you will be doing to know how much time it will take you. Also, remember the following two things.

  • How much time do you have available for this new project
  • How much money do you need to make the project worth your time

Providing the Client with a Precise Price from the Beginning

Some clients will try to persuade you to give them a precise price during your first conversation. This is not something that ends wells majority of the time. Instead, you should give them a minimum and maximum price as a placeholder until you have had time to sit back and analyze the project.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for the Price You Want

Never, let fear stop you from giving a client the price that you deserve for the project. You are the one who is going to be putting in the hours working, so you should be paid a fair price. You may be afraid that a client will go to someone who has a cheaper price yet in the end, you were given a blessing in disguise. In addition, if your prices are too low clients will think that you are desperate, which means that they will try to get more work out of you than what they have paid for, simply because they know you are hard up for the money.

Bottom line, they are your rates, so you can set them at the prices that you want.

Avoid Doing All of the Talking

When negotiating with clients it is okay to be silent. This lets the client know that you have said what you had to say and you are waiting to hear their feedback. Think about it, everyone uses silence as a psychological tactic, which is why some entrepreneurs are more successful than others are – they know when to shut up!

Changing Your Acceptable Rate

When you apply for a job more than likely you already have a rate in mind that is the absolute lowest amount that you will do the work for. Clients are obviously going to want to negotiate the rates majority of the time so they can feel like they are getting a deal. However, regardless of how bad you may need the work you should never allow a potential client to change your acceptable rate. When you have a rate in mind, you have to stick firm to it or you are going to dread working on the project in general.

Not Telling the Client What They Are Paying For

When you give a potential client a quote, make sure that you let them know what they are paying for. This shows them that they are paying you for exactly what they need and it shows them that you fully understand what is expected of you. When you give your price, you are also providing the potential client with a first impression. Therefore, you want to make sure that you come off as someone who is professional and knows what they are doing.

Closing Thoughts

Negotiating does not have to be hard at all. All you have to do is make sure that you are not a freelancer that is doing the things that we discussed today. What are your best negotiating tips? Feel free to share them with your fellow freelancers in the comments section below.

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