These Seven Creative Marketing Ideas Will Transform Your Business

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Regardless of what niche you work in, there’s always going to be some hot competition. And it’s vital to differentiate your business from everyone else out there, making you stand out from the crowd.

That isn’t always easy. After all, you know who also wants to stand out from the crowd?

The crowd.

But it can be done. You can push your way through, throw in a little extra magic, and transform your business into something totally unique.

It’s time to get creative with marketing.

Dynamic Graphic Design

This won’t be a surprise to you, but we base a lot of our opinion on what we see. For instance, we form a first impression in just 50 milliseconds. But we process visuals much, much faster than we do text content.

So in all your marketing, put an emphasis on dynamic graphic design. Don’t be content just to get the information out there. Whether you’re creating a brand identity for your website or a logo for your shop, use a style guide, refer to it, and ensure that each and every piece of branding and marketing is giving 100%. When hiring a website design company, make sure they understand your needs. This means everything from your logo to your email blasts to your website and blog. Make it count.


Photo by Malcolm Garret from Pexels

Everybody likes to get free stuff! And we guarantee that your customers are no exception to the rule.

Of course, some companies lend themselves more to giveaways than others. This can be a free product with a purchase, or a discount on a service, or a punch card or reward card for loyal customers.

Even if your company doesn’t necessarily lend itself to those types of rewards for your customers, think outside the box and create a reward.

Whether it’s branded gifts created specifically for the reward, or a new packaging of services that make it more worthwhile for your new customers to seek you out, creating a culture of appreciation within your company is good both for you, and for your clients.

Focus On Employees

Creating a focus on your people does a number of things for your employee branding.

● It makes it obvious that your company does really care about people.
● It gives your company a friendly face.
● It allows your customers the chance to get to know the ones they’ll likely be dealing with.

Highlight your employee of the month. Follow your employees on social media and encourage them to interact with your customers. Let them write guest blog posts for your company blog.

All of this fosters not only a good public image but, again, a culture of appreciation among your employees, letting them know that they are valued. A happy employee is one of the best possible representatives of a brand.

Focus On Customers

At the same time, highlighting your customers can do much the same thing.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Apart from setting up rewards, focusing on individual customers is another way to create that feeling of gratitude.

Conduct interviews with long-time customers. Tell their story and how they first came into contact with your business, and find out why they’ve stuck with you for so long.

Get to know new customers in the same way.

Customer Created Content

Speaking of customers, do you want to know one of the best ways to get them involved and engaged with your brand?

Allow them to have a part in it.

Invite customer-created content to include in your company social media accounts and blog. This could be everything from a photo contest, to inviting them to tell their stories, to asking for and highlighting feedback on a specific product or service.

Think Outside the Platform in Social Media

It’s a fairly well-known fact that social media platforms are essential to the growth of a business. Not only do astronomical amounts of people have at least one social media account, but more than a third of internet users state that they turn to social media in order to engage with or research a brand or product.

In terms of the most popular avenues for marketing, Facebook and Twitter pretty much lead the pack.

But there are other platforms out there that are underutilized by businesses. Consider creating an account on Vine, to make brief, fun videos. Or what about Snapchat, allowing your followers to see how quirky and fun your business can be? Even Pinterest can be used in unique ways, giving your customers the chance to see how much they have in common with the taste and aesthetic of your company and employees.

These are great ways to update the perceived personality of your company.

Don’t forget to link these accounts back to your main website and to other, more popular sites like Instagram and Tiktok!

Repurpose Content into Videos

Videos are probably the most popular method of marketing these days, simply because they capture attention more than text or graphic content.

As an example, blog or social media posts that include a video will attract three times more link backs than those that don’t involve visual media.

It’s likely that you’re already creating new videos to cash in on this trend.

But what about content that you’ve created previously, which didn’t involve videos?

Most of us with an established business has a wealth of text-based content in our archives. And those posts are still valuable as they are. But they can be mined to create new posts, increasing their value.

Take a look through previous blog posts and see what can be turned into a short video. Once you’ve created the video, upload and make sure to link back to the original post. This not only boosts the attention to the new post, but also draws attention to the old one as well.

Making your company stand out from the crowd is not easy, but it isn’t impossible either. Take every opportunity to enhance your personality, build your brand, and create a culture of appreciation.

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