Startups in Beta – In-Development Tools Programmers Need to Know About

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Do you push code for a living? Are you developing software for your own studio or writing code for businesses in need of your services? Whether you’re building mobile and web apps or programming software for IoT and wearable devices, staying up-to-date on the latest tools for developers can be tough. New interfaces are being launched on an ever-increasing basis, but if you don’t know these fresh resources exist, you can’t incorporate them into your development process. If you want access to up-and-coming tools for programmers, following are five in-development resources you’ll want to investigate:


Currently accepting early access requests, RocketDB is building a backend-as-a-service platform for app developers. Their API will support JavaScript, Android, and iOS builds. Whether you want to integrate user chat into your app or a real-time news feed, RocketDB ‘s backend API can make your programming wishes come true. During the beta stage, RocketDB is free to use. Are you going to become an early adopter?


QEDOOO is building a data visualization tool for developers. Once publicly available, the QEDOOO library will let programmers easily integrate a variety of charting types into their software builds. If you’re interested in becoming a private beta tester, QEDOOO is accepting early access requests.

Park My Cloud

If you’re a developer who uses Amazon Web Services, Park My Cloud is on the hunt for beta testers interested in reducing their AWS expenses. Their platform will allow developers to adjust their cloud usage according to peak on/off times to reduce costs. If you’re a programmer interested in help developing an up-and-coming product while potentially saving money at the same time, dig into Park My Cloud for yourself.


Once it is launched, SpikeNode will help developers automate their code deployment processes. Integrated with numerous platforms including GitHub, BitBucket, Digital Ocean, and AWS, SpikeNode lets programmers test code in private cloud environments and then automatically deploy their builds when testing is complete. If you want to reduce your development time and speed up your code pushes, consider signing up for early access to SpikeNode .   ## 5. Dockbit

Another awesome deployment tool in development is Dockbit . Teams can use Dockbit to visualize and track code deployments. Integrated with Slack, GitHub, Jenkins, and Capistrano, Dockbit helps teams understand where their deployment lag times are happening and develop remedies to improve their software execution times.

Thanks to powerful in-development tools like those listed above, there has never been a better time to be a code pusher. Creative minds are launching an array of helpful interfaces to help make a developer’s job easier. Do you think you will be signing up as a beta tester for any of these tools in order to have early access to cool new resources?

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