Ruby Programmer? 5 Tools to Grow Your Business

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Do you code in Ruby? Are you always on the lookout for new tools you can integrate into your coding repertoire? There are a growing number of resources now available to Ruby on Rails aficionados.Check out the following roundup of tools to see which ones you can put to use for your coding clients: 

Awesome Ruby

Awesome Ruby is a must-discover resource for Ruby enthusiasts. Find everything from API builders and automation interfaces to CLI utilities and debugging resources. Whether you are looking for ecommerce interfaces or rails generators, you’ll find plenty of powerful tools once you add Awesome Ruby to your resource list.


If you want to become a better Ruby programmer, PullReview is an excellent tool for your arsenal. Receive automated reviews of your code so you understand problem areas before you implement your code. PullReview can offer details on everything from duplication errors to security and style issues.


If you want to make it easy for clients to pay you for your Ruby on Rails code, consider integrating Payola into your software. Payola lets clients pay you via Stripe so you’ll never have to wait for PayPal transfers or bank remittances again.


For developers who want to uncover usability problems with their code, Informant is a must-discover tool. Uncover problem areas customers are encountering so you can update your code. With real-time Ruby analytics, you’ll find which sections of your software are causing issues and which attributes and models are causing the problems.


In case you haven’t already discovered it, RubyGems provides access to gems contributed by Ruby coders. You can add your own, discover handy tools others have contributed, or use their API to integrate your finds into your own software. Numerous data details are available including status checks, uptime data, and statistics on popular gems.

Building a Ruby on Rails resource list is an excellent way to grow your software business. As you integrate new tools into your code, you increase your ability to offer clients extra services. The deeper your knowledge, the more you become a trusted programmer your clients know they can trust and turn to for impeccable code. How many of the above-listed resources will you be adding to your developer’s toolbox?

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