8 Myths about developers

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Myths and facts about developers and their work

8 Myths about developers

Job as a developer has become much more popular and common ever since the era of computers started. Almost everyone now has at least one friend who is a programmer. Even though coding should have fewer mysteries, there are still many myths and stereotypes around developers and their job. Some of them even rather offensive. Let’s check some of the most popular myths about developers and see how it is in reality. 

If you know any more myths or have your thoughts about these below, let us know! Let’s jump into the myths.

1. Every developer can fix your computer.

Many people think that because you are a programming specialist and spend a lot of time next to a computer you know everything about computers. You know all secrets of its insides, and it doesn’t keep any secrets from you. Is it true? 


Sure, as a developer, we have to know how to deal with our machines. Most programmers are conscious about their operating systems and can fix some issues. Developers are responsible for the code and writing apps, web development, games, etc.

People confuse us with electricians and electrical engineers and people who professionally fix computers or install windows. Those people usually work in IT departments and help (not only) developers to set up their machines. 

If I were a regular folk with a computer problem, I would probably reach out to them instead. Remember though, there is no such thing as a free lunch 😋

2. Developers live in basements.

Myths about developers programmers live in basements meme

Based on some American movies, there’s a myth about developers, that they live in basements or the attics and never go out, that they always stay at home and after work just play games or watch movies and nothing more. 

That’s a myth. We don’t! 😃

Programmers are just like every other person, we don’t live in basements, we use the most of life, fulfilling our passions. Some of us might be the most traveling people you can imagine, thanks to the possibility of remote work that we have.

Some of us leave our country for winter to spend it working somewhere warm, for example. So ask your developer friend, and you might be surprised where he or she has been. 😉

3. Every developer is a great mathematician.

Probably because for a lot of college majors connected with programming, you need good math grades to get to, multiple people assume that all developers are great at maths. Is it right?

Not necessarily.

Some people for sure are, but remember that a developer most of the time doesn’t have to use math after completing university. 

Moreover, some people start programming before they finish high school (or even earlier), and some of them don’t go for any math-connected majors, therefore they are not so good at maths even if they are the best programmers in the world. 

Remember that generally, coding is a skill on its own, and most of the time, there is little to no math involved. Math skills can be helpful mostly in game dev and machine learning. 

4. It takes a genius to be a successful programmer.

In movies, they often show developers as geniuses who can do anything with a few clicks on the computer but is this myth about developers true?

Yes, it is! That one is actually true. 😉 

Jokes aside, everyone can learn to program and be successful. Like every valuable skill, it takes time and effort, but you don’t have to be Albert Einstein or Elon Musk to program.

 5. You can learn to program in a week.

Unfortunately, programming takes time. Nothing makes sense at the beginning, and as you get more proficient, you begin to realize it’s a lifelong learning journey. 

There are updates of certain languages, sometimes the language you use gets out of use, so you have to learn a new one, or someone just comes up with a fantastic idea of making something work. 

Here you can read about a good way to develop your skills by contributing to open-source projects.

Like someone wise once said: “The more you know, the more you realize how little you know.” 

6. Developers have poor social skills.

Myths about developers I've become a programmer, so i don't have to talk to people meme

There’s a stereotype of a shy developer, scared of talking to people, is a nerd, etc. Does it look like this in reality?

Hell no. 👿

That’s one of those myths about developers that some people might find offensive. Programming is not just about writing the code. To know what to write and where to write, you need to talk to people, reach out for help, clarify things, and discuss the best solution.

Most of the time, developers have to be involved in conversations with either their client or their boss to consult the shape of the project to do it the best way possible. You can often get great ideas from these because developers know possibilities much better and can help create your vision more effectively and implement great features. 

To sum up, a developer has to be a team player. Consequently, programmers are much more communicative and outgoing people than the stereotypes tell. The more you invest in your social skills as a programmer, the better!

7. When you ship code, it’s done.

You work some time to create an app or website, release it, and then you take on another project, right?

Myths about developers Night watch Game of Thrones meme My watch has ended

Not really. 😅

That couldn’t be further from the truth, usually delivering the product is just a beginning. We work and promote agile project management practices. So we can keep working and changing the codebase after it was released so we can keep up with client requirements.

8. As a developer, you earn a ton of money without much effort.

Often developers are perceived as extremely wealthy people. They may travel all the time, sit at home, and not at the office, almost like they don’t work. Do they earn so much without working?

Unfortunately no. 😢

Being a developer is a job like any else. If the person sits at home a lot, then he or she is probably working from home, remotely.

What’s more, developers often work in hours we want, so sometimes we start much later but finish later as well. If the developer is traveling a lot, probably it’s for work.

Many programmers go abroad, for example, for winter to spend it in a warmer climate and work from there. Nowadays it’s getting more common so we think you’d understand. 😉 

Being a developer might be a challenging job. We have to be up-to-date with all of the news and learn all the time. What’s more, we have to be ready to learn another programming language at any time. 

Besides all of that, we have to solve many problems and difficulties. Probably the most challenging thing is to put someone’s vision into reality, and believe us, making someone’s dream come true is not an easy feat.

As you see, myths about developers are far from accurate, but that’s just probably a thing about the myths. We hope that now your perception is much closer to reality. If you know any more myths that we should cover, let us know!


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