How these 9 market leaders use Ruby on Rails

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As many market leaders use Ruby, it is still considered as one of the most popular programming languages, standing at the 15th place in rankings. It is constantly developed, with the launch of Ruby 3.0 in December 2020 as an example, giving 1 million programmers around the world new features and possibilities.

At the moment, there are plenty of huge players who strongly believe that Ruby is the best technology for them and make good use out of it. Maybe it’s a sign that you should also try using Ruby in your company? 

Let’s dive in and look which market leaders use Ruby and where we can find it.

Dribbble.comMarket leaders who use Ruby

Dribbble is a platform for designers and artists to showcase their work. The website gives the possibility to exchange opinions, gather your favourite art and finally explore career opportunities, both for freelancers and people looking for a fixed job. After 12 years of being live it gathers as much as 4 million views a month.

United Ideas is also on Dribbble, co check us out! 

dribbble unied ideas

We have also shared some of our work, so check it out, and make a good use out of it!

Soundcloud – a great company full of music

If you are interested in music and eager to look for new tracks, then you’ve probably heard about SoundCloud. This platform for music lovers, primarily created in Ruby’s MRI, was later on recreated on jvm to respond to a higher number of users. It’s a platform enabling beginning and popular music artists to share their music and help promote their creations. 

Now 175 million users visit it every month, uploading 12 hours of music every minute.

Soundcloud screenshot

Couchsurfing – market leaders who use Ruby for easier travels.

Couchsurfing is an app connecting people with a similar mindset, all over the world. It’s an accommodation app, where users can share their own place or visit someone else’s place, meet other users, host an event and much more. In 2018 it had around 15 million users and 400 000 active hosts, but now, due to the pandemic those numbers have lowered.

couchsurfing logo

Airbnbevery traveler’s friend

If we speak about travelling accommodation apps, we cannot miss Airbnb. This website, created in 2008 to connect travellers and hosts. For hosts it’s a great chance to earn money on the rooms or apartments they’re not currently using and for travellers it’s an opportunity to find accommodation in beautiful places easier and sometimes for lower prices.  What’s more, it was built on Ruby. It reaches almost 200 countries around the world, with more than 4 million places to sleep. 

Airbnb screenshot


Groupon is a website tailored for any bargain hunter. It’s a marketplace popular worldwide,  connecting merchants with local and international shoppers. It lists coupons offering activities, travel, goods and services in a vast number of countries. With more than 500 cities in offer, it features more than 425,000 active deals globally.

Groupon screenshot

Kickstarter – example of market leaders using Ruby for helping passion

Just like its founders say, Kickstarter exists to help bring creative ideas to life. That’s a perfect description of it. In other words it’s a crowdfunding platform helping thousands of creative projects be materialised. Since 2009, when the website started, it has gathered more than 5 billion USD for its creators. Since it first launched, it has helped music bands, game designers, artists and many more! 

Two of Kickstarter’s most important tools are built on Ruby on Rails and those are Rosie, a payment app, and the Kickstarter web app itself.

Kickstarter screenshot


I think there’s no developer out there that doesn’t know GitHub. It’s probably the most popular community platform for developers around the world. It’s a must have for anyone in the industry. The numbers just confirm that. In 2019 it had more than 100 million code repositories created by more than 31 million users. As GitHub believes in stability and simplicity of Ruby their core is based on it.

GitHub screenshot


Perfect place for anyone willing to set up an e-commerce site. Thanks to beautiful templates it helps you build your own amazing online shop and reach anyone in the world wide web with your products. So far, more than 800 000 sellers have trusted Shopify and created shops with this platform, making the company’s profit exceed 60 billion USD. 

Currently Shopify is using Ruby on Rails for most of their projects, while maintaining sufficient efficiency to manage millions of requests per minute.

Shopify screenshot

Urban Dictionary

If there’s a neologism that you do not understand, that’s the place to go. Urban Dictionary has a vast range of urban, slang language created by its 75 million community updated everyday and helping many of us to keep up with the newest trends and phrases.

Urban Dictionary screenshot on Ruby


Bloomberg is a well known financial service, founded in 2014 by Michael Bloomberg. It is recognised as a source of reliable financial, economic and political news.Their platform is a go to place to learn about the current stock exchange situation, breaking news from the world of finance, and much more. Huge amounts of traffic goes through the platform each month, reaching 100 million users.

Bloomberg screenshot

What industries benefit the most from Ruby?

As you can see, Ruby is a language that is used in a wide range of industries – tourism, hospitality, marketing and social media, software development, HR, e-commerce, finance, entertainment, and others. Ruby is all around us and it is not going to step down soon. There’s a huge chance that there’s at least one app that you use everyday that has been written in Ruby. Development of Ruby has a positive impact on probably every industry there is, as even though it might not directly affect the industry it for sure affects the tools that are used in it.

Why do we believe in Ruby on Rails at United Ideas?

As United Ideas, we have worked with RoR for more than 10 years now. We see how stable, efficient and strong this language is. We are proud of how robust a community it has, which helps it grow and develop constantly.

As of now, we have created multiple projects based on Ruby, like Velux’s webpage and mobile app, Nabo’s real estate app, or Foodsi’s food saving app

We see RoR not only as a technology, but also as a great chance for our developers to grow and become the best experts possible, helping us to become the best RoR company. 

Apparently we’ve taken the right approach, as for our efforts we have been awarded as top Ruby developers in Poland by Clutch.

As you can see, Ruby is not going anywhere. Market leaders use Ruby and are not going to stop anytime soon.

As we strongly believe in the power of the Ruby community, we want to contribute to it as well and support it with our whole hearts. That’s why we are organizing the Ruby Minds conference.

Stay tuned for more information soon!

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