We organized an integrational event for our dispersed team, and we had a blast!

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What’s the recipe for a good team building trip in remote teams? In our case, many opportunities for teamwork and friendly rivalry, as well as a touch of adrenaline. We went to Energylandia, Poland’s largest amusement park, and we had a fantastic time. That’s how we took care of our dispersed team.

Integration for a dispersed, remote team

Daily work at United Ideas is very convenient. We tune in from home via Rocket Chat and Google Meets, sometimes Zoom. We have regular meetings and a channel for general chatting. But because the company is growing quickly, many members of the current team had never seen each other face to face until last weekend.

In other words, working remotely saves us time, but gives us fewer opportunities for friendly conversations. To overcome this challenge, we decided to invite everyone to a team building trip in Kraków, with tons of attractions.

A good chunk of the team showed up, with people arriving from all around the country, including from Warsaw, Gdańsk, and Lublin. We got settled in a hotel right by the Bielańsko-Tyniecki Landscape Park. Each person got their own backpack sack with a surprise inside: a smart LED light bulb (because what IT person doesn’t like to mess with their home lighting setup?) and a super comfy hoodie. As you’ll see in photos, it says Dev Talents on the front – we’ll explain why in time.

Next, we visited the Kraków Arcade Museum. We had a blast working together in cooperative games, or trying to outmatch each other in races and dance-offs. Classic games like Donkey Kong and Galaga gave some of us a run for our money.

In the evening, we had an inauguration supper at a loft restaurant with a lovely view of the Vistula River. There was cake!

A boring team building trip? Not with United Ideas

It was great to chat and play together, but we wanted a challenge – so we went to the Energylandia amusement park. It’s huge and offers many kinds of attractions, from mega coasters to droppers, twisters and swings, some with overloads of up to 5G. The fastest ride, Hyperion, reaches the speed of 142 km/h and makes for an incredible experience. 

“Hyperion was a blast, but Zadra was better.”

~ Edyta, our Managing Director

Group photo of United Ideas' dispersed team

These attractions wouldn’t have been half as fun without the right people to enjoy them with. We shared our impressions with each other, chatted in waiting lines, and cheered on those of us who were a little hesitant to try the more extreme rides.

“Zadra deals psychic damage.”

~ Leszek, software developer

After about 6 hours at Energylandia, we made a quick pit stop at the hotel before heading to the trip’s final event: an evening of fun and games at the Cosmic Games Pub. We tried our hand at table shuffleboard, crazylight, table football, pukec, air hockey, cornhole, and beer pong. The galactic bubble room helped us get in touch with our inner children. And the bar provided something for everyone. It was a great night!

“I have muscle soreness in my fingers.”

~ Łukasz, our CEO, after spending the evening at the Cosmic Games Pub

When’s the next integration event?

On day three, we were slowly heading home – and already talking about the next time we can meet in person! Rumour has it that, if the COVID-19 situation doesn’t throw a wrench in our plans, we’ll organize a winter holiday meeting near the end of the year. Stay tuned on our social media channels if you don’t want to miss our dispersed team meeting!

giant ball pit

“I was home at 1:30 pm, fell asleep immediately, woke up after 3 hours, and I’m still exhausted. That means the trip was a huge success!”

~ Piotr, Flutter developer

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