8 tips on how to increase productivity as a developer (and not only).

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As developer often works from home, they have many distractions throughout the day. Some of us don’t have any problems focusing all day long while being home, but some need some methods and tools to improve efficiency. Or some of us simply want to get even better. In this article, you will find 8 tips on how to increase your productivity daily. Not only while working remotely.

1. Plan your day and week

It may sound silly but believe me, planning your day or week is a huge thing. Make a schedule that you will have easy access to, for example, on a flipchart or a whiteboard, so it’s visible for you. 

Your plan doesn’t have to be set to every minute, but at least write it down as a list of things to do with an order you have to do them. It will help you structurize the work, and you won’t waste time considering which task you should now take on.

2. Prioritize your tasks.

Even if you are unsure how long the task will take or how many tasks you can do during the day, don’t surrender with plans. Instead, make it a different way. Instead of doing a schedule of assignments you have to do, list out your tasks and prioritize them based on how important they are and when the deadline is. 

Then simply do your tasks starting with those with the highest priority.

3. Start with the most challenging tasks.

If you already have a list or prioritized the tasks, but you still struggle with which part you should start with, start with the most challenging part.

Starting is always the worst part, so when you finally do that and start with the hardest ones, the rest will feel like a piece of cake.

Some people call it the “Eat that frog technique.”

4. Increase your productivity – take breaks.

Sometimes it feels like you need to sit and finish every task. That you simply have to work as long as you don’t finish it without any breaks. 

But believe us, working for straight hours without any break is not a good idea. After some time, which for every person is different, your brain will struggle to focus so hard on the task, and you will find it challenging to do your work as well as at the beginning. Even easy tasks may start to be complicated.

Instead, do some breaks. It could be either after every few tasks you do if they are short or after a specific time. In the second case, the Pomodoro technique might be the way – you can find more about it here. From time to time, your brain simply needs a break to reset. 

Remember also that the breaks don’t have to be planned. If you feel sleepy or tired, just take a rest. Either way, you won’t be productive then, so you can take a walk or even a nap instead of struggling to work unless your timer beeps for a break.

5. Check if someone hasn’t done it before.

There’s a big chance that the task you are doing isn’t something new that no one has done before. There’s a chance that either you are someone else who has done it and shared the solution, for example, on Github.

So don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Don’t waste your time.

6. If you come across a problem, follow 15 minutes rule. 

Everyone, from time to time, stumps onto an issue they don’t know how to resolve. It happens significantly often for new employees or entry-level specialists, but sometimes occurs to the best of us!

If you come across a problem and have no idea how to sort it out, there’s a big chance that somewhere in the cloud or repository that your company uses, there might be a solution. Try to look there. 

If you don’t have this kind of materials in your documents, probably somewhere before you stumbled on the same problem, so search for it on the internet. Assume that you can do it only for 15 minutes. If you can’t find the solution in 15 minutes, ask your colleagues or boss. That would be a good time for it.

7. Use tools

Many different tools may help you optimize your work or do some tasks to increase your efficiency. For example, instead of setting your timer from time to time by yourself, use special Pomodoro timers that you can find on the internet.

If you don’t know any by yourself, simply ask your boss or colleagues for some, for sure they can recommend something to make your life better.

8. Collaborate and increase productivity

It may sound trivial but cooperate with others. If other people are working on the same project, there is a chance that some parts of the task are necessary both for you and other people. Therefore, identify them as early as possible and decide who will prepare them. 

Again, don’t reinvent the wheel. What’s more, when you divide the work, try to assign the work to the person who likes it the most or is the most prominent specialist in this field. If someone likes the task, whey will do it faster and probably better than a bored person.


Methods to increase your productivity and help you become a better developer are countless, so we chose only those that are the best, in our opinion. As there are so many, you can expect more articles touching on increasing your productivity. 

We hope that those articles will help you to increase your productivity and reach your full potential. 

In the meantime, we encourage you to read about other methods of improving effectiveness like the Pomodoro Technique or workplace ergonomy that influences your productivity.

If you know methods that we should mention, let us know!

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