United Ideas doesn’t only code. We also design! Free illustration package.

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Free illustrations package United Ideas

Every designer sometimes struggles with creating icons and illustrations. It takes time to create something that catches your eye. It’s a time-consuming process that may differ each time you do it.  A free illustration package might help!

We know that sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes it’s better to find something that fits in broad repositories available on the internet. But you also need to know where to look.

As we offer full-stack app development – not only coding, migrating data but also designing the apps, we know those problems as well. 

That’s why we decided to contribute to the designers’ community. We would also like some help like that before. 

Get your free illustration package here.

Through the link above, you can find a package we created to support you. In the package, you can find four illustrations on the medical topic. Their initial purpose is to put them in the introduction part of the app, but you can use them wherever you want. 😉 

Our designer Ania has drawn them manually in Procreate on her iPad. Medical free illustration package While creating them, Ania started with a quick scratch of the whole set.

She moved on to choosing two leading colors to use in each of the illustrations. In the end, she did the final cuts and designed them to fit in the screen size. 

They can be used ad well as inspiration to create your own illustrations. What’s more, they are free to take and duplicate as Figma files! Feel free and use those illustrations in your own materials

Click here to get the free illustration package.

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