DevOps Tips – 5 Must-Discover New Tools for Programmers

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Are you always on the hunt for new tools you can integrate into your web development or mobile development business? Do you like discovering new resources you can use to improve the speed and efficiency of your code creation efforts? Whether you are integrating machine learning technology into your ecommerce applications or creating m-commerce apps using artificial intelligence, it is imperative you stay up to date on the latest trends within the software sector. Startup companies and software developers are launching new products and services for coders on a frequent basis. From open source tools to SaaS products, you never know what you’ll discover when you pay attention to the latest tech treats for coders. Review the following five DevOps tools to see which ones you will be adding to your programmer’s must-use resource list:


If you want to increase the speed at which you create apps, consider adding SynergyKit to your arsenal of programming tools. Whether you are coding mobile or desktop applications, you can use SynergyKit‘s backend tools to power your creations. With multiple SDKs available including Android, OS X, iOS, and JavaScript, you can have your applications ready for deployment in no time. Features include performance tracking, app analytics, and error logging.


Bliss offers a handy tool for developers who work with companies who don’t understand the intricacies of software code. Bliss analyzes a programmer’s code and then provides a detailed analysis of the software in non-technical terms. Perfect for companies with founders who don’t write code, developers can recommend Bliss to their clients as a way of monitoring software production.

Cloud Coreo

Cloud Coreo provides a framework for developers to automatically configure their code to the cloud. Whether you are writing shell scripts or running containers, you can use Cloud Coreo to collaborate with other coders, share stacks, and monitor your deployments. If you like the idea of collaborative coding and open source software, CloudCoreo is a must-discover tool for your programmer’s resource list.


Another intriguing tool that should be on your radar is Crystal . Regardless of which code language you prefer, you can use Crystal to generate open source software. Numerous generators are available, including Node.js, PHP, Go, Python, and Ruby.

Code Reuse

If you are looking for a collaboration tool to improve the efficiency of your code creation process, add Code Reuse to your bag of tricks. This helpful platform lets multiple programmers work together on software projects and track each other’s progress. Developers can monitor code adjustments, clone projects, assign permissions, and assist with bug tracking issues.

These are just five of many new resources available to developers. Tracking the release of new products and services for programmers is an excellent way to stay on top of the latest trends within the software industry. Do you think you will be incorporating any of the above-listed tools into your software business?

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