Why Companies Should Hire Fresh Graduates

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Good employees are dynamic and a valuable resource for a business. They’re the bloodline of any business or organization. They propel the industry to great heights. Informed hiring will thus put your business of an organization on the world map of productivity. For this reason, it’s crucial that you hire with caution.

What kind of employees should an employer go for?

For years now, research has shown that hiring fresh graduates is more profitable than going for guys with experience. Yes, experience is a great way to determine the employee’s candidacy, but is it enough? Does the person’s extensive experience tell you whether they are likable or not? What does experience tell you about the personality of the potential employee? In fact, the idea that they have been in the industry for long is evident that they have grown a second skin in concealing their real identity. A personal can have a bag full of experience and qualification, but if they possess undesirable personality, they may not do much for your business growth. It’s for these reasons that demand for fresh graduate has sky-rocketed.

There are viable reasons for this recent trend. As a result, an intelligent employer will go for the novice for the following reasons:

Fresh Graduates possess better, almost perfect information and technology skills

The continued advancement in technology supports new graduates. Students are quite at home with the internet so, they can very easily use it to advance the interests of the company. Most of these fresh graduates are also fast learners and are not afraid of the challenges that technology poses. For instance, companies seeking to employ engineers will opt for workers fresh from college because this group already possesses the required technical knowledge. In the process, the companies save a lot of money that could otherwise be used to train the old employees. Employers have noted that fresh graduates come already equipped with the desired IT skills.

Fresh Graduates are Flexible

When you employ fresh graduates, you will end up with a very flexible group of employees. These are people who can adapt well and very fast to the changes that come with the changes in society. Businesses nowadays adapt to new changes almost always. It’s beneficial to them to go for people who can readily identify with the new strategies and external changes. Old employees, despite the experience, find it difficult to adapt to changes fast enough. Graduates, on the other hand, are ready to adapt to changes and are constantly seeking ways to prove their worth in the job.

For the above reasons and many others, companies should reconsider their hiring strategy. Graduates should now replace experienced personnel so as to remain relevant in the fast changing world.

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