Choosing team for application development

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Ok, so you know your app well. You know the software house well. You have strong visions of them working meticulously to realize your visions. Great going! But you still have a few more bases to cover before you can achieve the uber confidence level, similar to that of an opera conductor. You need to ask a few more drilling questions to the team members you will be working with. One final interview with the team should set you up for the upcoming months (and sign the contract with them in peace). Once you have explained your application development teams to the team members, ask them the following questions:

These questions will help your development team to achieve greater clarity and set real expectations from them. Help them get deeper into your goals and visions. Help them feel your project like their own.

Have them adopt your baby!

Describe the goal of my app in your own words

The right application development team should be able to demonstrate your app goals in a vivid manner. You have done your part, explaining the gritty details. It’s now their turn to explain – NOT at the superficial level. They should understand your quest and should be able to voice out their fears and projections. They should know the audience of your app intimately! Only then would they deliver an accurate vision.  Help them build an app that people will actually use. Get to know more about the people who you will be trusting with your baby.

Names and Biodata of team members

Your newly appointed software house is sure to point out their heroes and their accomplishments. Have them spell out their talents and discover exactly why they are called talented. Who are the people who will be building you app? What kinds of complex challenges have these people combated? Is everyone who will work on your app already on board? Or is there some unknown face working thousands of miles away? Getting to know them all will enable you to ask the right questions to the right members. You will also feel more comfortable during the waiting periods between your meetings with the team.

Discuss previous projects with the development team

Past project discussions do not necessarily mean talking about end results. How pretty the apps the team developed were, how satisfied the client was, none of these matter! What really makes a difference is the post project support for launching, marketing version control, revenue model strategies etc. App development teams know their market well. They have seen the progress and decline of many apps to understand what revenue models should work for your scenario. Capitalize on this precious knowledge. Discuss all measurable and tangible elements of their past projects. If possible, call up the clients and ask them a few polite questions like their experience working with the team. What in particular makes them a winner? What is their weak point? Would the client do anything differently when working with the team again?

Ask the development team how they plan to handle your app. What is the plan?

When a team knows how to achieve these results, they will be happy to share with you.

Talk about your ROI. Make future plans with your development team.

Talk about app pricing

Be alert of any ongoing expenses that may accrue over time. Doe their hourly rates justify the tasks and responsibilities? Communicate clearly on the billing procedure and any extra costs that maybe lurking behind unexpectedly. Ask for an approximate time the team will spend on your app. Keep records of all promises. Don’t let development teams charge you time and time again. Make sure you receive invoices for each assignment. Any changes in an assignment should not lead to added cost.

Talk about App Testing Strategies

Once the app is ready for launching, what kind of testing strategies does the team deploy? What kind of quality assurance procedures do they conduct? Do they perform beta testing? What kind of app analytics do they use and how do they integrate business intelligence strategies in your app?  Any problems or issues should be addressed promptly by the development teams. What industry standards do they follow? Above all, how will their app design promote your brand in the market?

The problem is, too many times, some application development teams would over-promise and under-deliver. Asking questions at the grass-root level helps rule out many false expectations right at the beginning. It also gives you a chance to look for a second opinion for your app. The questions above will definitely take care of your worst fears. They will also prepare you to handle these issues proactively.

Application development is a huge investment. We hope this article will make your investment worthwhile. Good luck!

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