United Ideas awarded as Top Web Development Companies in the World.

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We woke up on a cold Friday morning, had a small breakfast, made ourselves a tea, and sat by the desk to start daily work. As always, we went first to check the messages that came during the night and early morning.

And there it was.

An e-mail that we were awarded as TOP 10 Web Development Companies for July 2021 by Find Best Web Dev.

We are more than grateful for this trophy!

Top Web Development Companies

Earlier this year, we received an award from Clutch for being the Top Ruby Developers in Poland.Top Web Development Companies badge

What’s essential for us, we received this prize in another category than Ruby, which shows that our efforts are paying off and we strongly develop.

Thanks to our hard work, Top Web Development Companies is our second category besides Ruby, where we were awarded as one of the best in the World.

We are proud of this recognition.

We promised you to keep working on ourselves to become better and better. So as you see, we keep the promise, but we won’t stop here. We are going for even more!

If you want to see the full ranking for yourself, click this link.

Stay with us and see how we do!

In the meantime, you can check out our blog and get a piece of our knowledge for free. You can find multiple posts for increasing your productivity, some tips on how to care for your health at work, and some articles about the future of technology, like Ruby 3.0 or RPA.

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