Tools, Tips and Tricks for staying the best developer.

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how to stay the best developer

Whether you call yourself a developer, programmer, or software engineer, one fact remains true: your education never stops. You’ll never be able to sit back and think you’ve learned all there is to know about coding. Whether you are a freelance developer working remotely for global clients or a software engineer writing code for an up-and-coming startup, your opportunities to learn and grow are many – good practices, events, videos, resources. We’ll go through some of them in this article to help you get better oriented and develop further. Let’s start!

Tools for staying the best developer

One way to ensure your talents remain top-notch is to continually add to your arsenal of development tools. New resources for code crafters launches with increasing frequency; it can be difficult to keep track of all the latest interfaces for programmers. If you’re determined to stay on top of your coding game, the following five powerful tools for developers are ones you’ll want to add to your bag-of-tricks.


If you want ready-made components for your application builds, dive into Noodlio. Here you’ll find multiple helpful templates and themes for your apps. Choose from Ionic, AngularJS, Angular 2, ReactJS, Framework7 components, or many other components. Noodlio provides an intriguing marketplace for coders wanting to sell their wares. If you’re looking for an additional way to earn money by using your coding skills, this resource is a must-discover tool.


Blackbeard provides container hosting for app developers. Push your Docker file to Blackbeard for hosting and you’ll never have to worry about app updates again. Blackbeard automatically deploys new versions the moment you complete an update push and load balances your application’s traffic, too.


If JavaScript is your coding language of choice, you’ll love JavaScriptKicks. Their awesome site provides a community where Javascript enthusiasts can share links they think other developers will enjoy. Shared links can be upvoted by community members, with new links being added/upvoted each day. If you want to stay up-to-date on all the latest JS news, this site is a must-use resource.

Practices for being the best developer

To be a great developer, it is important to use great tools to help you be productive and avoid mistakes. But that alone is not enough to be the best coder. You also need to learn and use top coding practices. They can help you avoid mistakes, create higher quality code, and make the best use of your time. Let’s see some of the practices that we have distinguished.

Code review

Everyone makes mistakes, and should be able to ask for help. What’s more, especially at the beginning of your coding journey, you can tend to come up with rather complicated solutions, where some cases could be done in a few lines of code instead of dozens. Then you should be able to Give your code to review to the best developer you know. No matter how good you are, there’s always some room for improvement. 

Feedback sessions

Most of us work in an environment surrounded by people. We mostly work in teams, therefore other people see how we work better than we do, so let’s talk with each other to become more self-conscious. Hold a feedback session every once in a while. In the beginning you can organize it every month, and afterwards, after a feedback session or two make it less frequent, for example every 3 months or so. 

Those sessions will help you get better oriented at how you could communicate your ideas better, be more efficient and better work with your team and let you work on those to become the best version of yourself.

Proactive attitude

Take the initiative. When other people ask who would like to take responsibility for a task, don’t be scared to volunteer. When you come up with an idea that might benefit the project or company, don’t be scared of taking the lead and saying it out loud to your boss and your team. Maybe no one has proposed it before and it’s an amazing idea. You never know until you try. Look for new solutions and try to implement them. The best way of developing yourself is taking responsibility and ownership.


The technology world is changing everyday. Each day someone in the world comes up with a new trick, a new solution for an old problem, and shares them with other developers for free. A direction to which you should turn to for the widest experience, the best tricks and advice are developers. Below are some that we would like to recommend to you.

Ruby Minds 

In February 2022 a new event will hit the Ruby conferences market – our own Ruby Minds conference. Ruby Minds will be a place where the best Ruby experts come to share their knowledge and exchange their experiences in a fully on-line event. During the conference, some of the best developers will be awarded Ruby Minds Awards in recognition of their accomplishments. Don’t miss your chance and follow Ruby Minds for new updates.

Ruby Day

Ruby Day is an Italian Ruby conference.It started in 2011 and for the last 3 editions was organized by GrUSP. It is dedicated fully to Ruby and its ecosystem. For the last few years it has gathered speakers from huge Ruby-based companies like Toptal, Dribbble or GitHub.

Rails Conf

Rails Conf is the oldest and the largest Ruby on Rails conference in the world. The last edition gathered participants from 61 countries. The conference is backed by such big players as Shopify, Vimeo, GitHub or Basecamp.

Ruby Conf 

Ruby Conf is an annual conference, held each year in a different city in the USA. Its last edition was held in Denver. It is one of the longest running and biggest Ruby conferences. It’s one of those conferences that the pandemic hasn’t stopped. To maintain the best networking experience while still being safe, they organized a hybrid event so everyone could take part without putting themselves at risk.

Resources for the best developer

Tools and practices are part of our daily work. Events are things that we can attend only occasionally. So how should we grow our skills on a daily basis? The answer is simple – read blogs and listen to podcasts!

Ruby weekly 

This newsletter gathers the best weekly articles and news from the Ruby world, delivering the most important news to your inbox.


RubyFlow is a news website with numerous links to libraries, blogs, tutorials and more Ruby resources that you could ever need.


Rubyland aggregates news and blogs linked to Ruby. It shows the newest Ruby blog posts thanks to RSS feeds.

Ruby Rogues podcast

Podcast for the Ruby programming community, by Ruby developers. Listen to weekly discussions with Ruby developers about programming, life, and the Ruby job market.

Ruby on Rails podcast

The podcast airs weekly and discusses the topics of open source software, the programming profession, and obviously Ruby on Rails. In 2021 it had the biggest traffic in the world out of all Ruby podcasts

Remote Ruby podcast

Remote Ruby is a podcast by Chris Oliver and Jason Charnes who enjoy talking about web development and the Ruby programming language. Listen to two Rubyists having conversations and interviewing others about Ruby and web development.

How to stay on top of your game as a developer

Being a programmer means you are always learning. New software languages, frameworks, APIs, and interfaces are continually being developed. From open source projects to developer tools created by startups, your opportunities to learn are endless. Will you be incorporating any of the above-listed tools for developers into your coding endeavors? Let us know in the comments!

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