Becoming a More Versatile Programmer – 5 Developer tools to add to your list in 2021

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Are you a software engineer constantly on the hunt for new coding tools? Do you like discovering new resources that can improve your efficiency and increase your ability to delight your customers? If so, you’ll want to dig into the following five great finds for developers. From API documentation as a service to sound effects for app developers, there are numerous amazing developer tools you can add to your coder’s bag of tricks.

Developer Tools List:


dev_tones offers royalty-free sounds to app developers. Whether you need beeps and chimes for a mobile gaming app you are developing, or pops and zaps for your soon-to-launch web application, dev_tones can definitely help.


DevDocs provides API documentation for developers. Whether you need CSS at-rules or HTML attributes, you can find the documentation you need thanks to DevDocs.


Devicons offers a cool font resource for app developers. Options include everything from GitHub to PHP. Devicons works in most browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.


Atom lets you share code and work on it together with others, making team collaboration a piece of cake. It has multiple features, like autocompletion, that make coding easier and faster than ever. It also simplifies managing files by enabling you to split your screen and compare different files. With Atom’s support for the most popular languages, it is the go-to choice for a majority of programmers in 2021.


Embold is an analytic tool that looks at the source code of an app and helps you identify the issues within it. Thanks to Embold, it’s easier to maintain stability, security, streamline the QA process, and much more. It’s a great tool to make debugging more accessible and build better architectures.

Discovering new resources for developers can help you become a better coder and improve your fiscal bottom line. The more developer tools you have in your arsenal, the better you are able to impress your clients. Will you be adding the above-listed tools for programmers to your software engineer’s resource list soon? Let us know!

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