App promotion – How to promote an application for free?

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Have you ever heard of a free service for app promotion? Neither have we! Nothing is free in this world, as we know it. Definitely not in the app world. But if there is something that is cost-effective in the app world, then it is the app promotion activities. Sometimes, the best kept secrets involve the least monetary expenditure. A mobile app promotion is one of them. In our experience, your play store-ready mobile app can be promoted with the aid of a variety of strategies. These have been tried and proven successful for many app launches. The one and only reason behind the success of these strategies is the prevalent use of the Internet and all associated devices. Read this article to find out how you can engage in virtually low cost promotion activities for your app.


Work on a blog. If you have a website up and running, use that space to write about the technology you love and how you would like to give back to the community. Write for your audience. Build a subscription base. This audience will be one of your very first app purchasers. Why? Because they know that you know what they want. Also contact some traditional bloggers. Ask them if they would be interested in covering the features of your app. Bloggers are always looking for new material to write about.

Teaser website

Another alternative to website is to create a one or two paged site that talks about your app capabilities. This is also known as a “teaser website”. Conduct a question/answer session with all registrants of the website. Make promises to include their suggestions in your next app version. The trick is to engage directly with your potential customers. If you have unique speaking powers then put them to good use! Conduct a live podcast on your app specifications. Create a knowledgeable persona in front of your audience. They need proof of your credibility. You can win the audience by asserting your knowledge and experience, and winning their trust. Upload the podcast to i-tunes. The goal is to share the podcast on platforms with a ready traffic.

Email marketing

Create a nice email message complete with snap shots of your app and your logo. Create a neat and polished brand image in this message. This can be done easily with the aid of many email apps, usually for free. Collect emails addresses of people who are interested and send them a marketing email a few days before the launch. A mailing list is essential to get more people hooked to your app launch event.

Social media activity

Do you have a Twitter, Facebook, Google+ , Pinterest or LinkedIn profiles? Put them to good use by circulating your brand and logo. Talk about your app launch and promote an introductory offer on social media. You wouldn’t believe how a single word bolts across a multi social media platform! Make sure you provide a direct link to your app downloader.

Create a dedicated social media page for your app. Promote your app on social media several times in a week to cover audiences that engage across different time zones. Hold competitions to attract and retain their attention. For instance, encourage competitors to earn the largest number of shares, followers or likes for your app on their social media. Award a free download to winners of the competition.

You can also search for social media pages with 100+ (or more likes). Talk to their page admins. Most of the time you will get free access to marketing opportunities on that social media site.

App reviews

Have you ever heard of “app review websites?  Sites like 148apps, AppStoreApps and AppAdvice can easily create waves of awareness if you approach them nicely! Also approach a few local newspapers. They will cover your content in their online versions for a nominal cost. Speaking of newspapers, talk to the press and prepare a short passage to talk about your app. Create a press kit and have the journalists cover the most unique and outstanding features of your app. Make it look irresistible!

Visual app promotion

What about creating a short animation on your app? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t need a graphic artist for the animation! Programs like go Animate and Powtoon can help you create easily and marketing video that can be shared across all social media platforms. Tell a problem-solving story in your video. Convince the audience that they truly need the app to improve their lives!

Last but not least – App Store Optimization

Finally, have you heard of app store optimization (ASO)? If not, we highly recommend reading up more about it. Ask your software development team to assist you in your ASO efforts. You need to improve your app’s “being found” on the app store.

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There you go. How much did you spend? Not a very sizeable amount we bet! App promotion can be the least costly of all your app development steps. Just make sure you promote according to the needs of your target user.



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